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Our main website, tesco. Large items such as mattresses, bikes and sofas are no longer be available, but a wide range of clothing, homeware, electricals, toys, and gifts will continue to be available in-store. You can view the range online now. Remember, with our day guarantee, you can kit your kids out with confidence.

Tesco Direct Closure FAQs | Help & Support | Tesco UK

Although we no longer provide embroidered school uniforms, you can order embroidered uniforms directly from our old supplier through their new service, My Clothing , which offers the same great value and support for schools through its own donation scheme. There are currently nearly 2, non-food products available to buy with your groceries, and we are looking to expand this range further. In partnership with SpoonGuru. Find out more about each filter. Sort and filter Write a review Rest of Radios shelf. Write a review Rest of Tesco shelf.

Write a review Rest of Multipack Cartridges shelf. Hp Dj Printer.


Write a review Rest of Printers shelf. Write a review Rest of Hewlett Packard shelf. Hp Black Printer Ink Cartridge. We ensure that navigation through our websites works in a consistent way. We do not rely on just colour as the only way of giving information.

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Fashion inspiration from F&F

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