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  1. OS X Mavericks Minimum Requirements
  2. OS X Mavericks - Technical Specifications

Most of us will be installing OS X Mavericks by downloading it from the App Store and then upgrading our current operating system, the supported operating systems are Snow Leopard However, for some reasons, you might be looking to perform a clean installation, which involves formatting the Mac hard drive. A fresh and clean install involves formatting the Mac Hard disk, this means that the hard disk is completely wiped and Mac OS X will be installed in its factory default settings with just the default apps and files that come with OS X Mavericks.

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OS X Mavericks Minimum Requirements

Click on Utilities and then click on Disk Utility Select the hard drive or partition to format from the left pane, then click the Erase tab, select format type Mac OS Extended Journaled , give it a name , such as Macintosh HD, and choose Erase. Select the option you want and follow the wizard.

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Here's how to do it. Check that your computer's hardware is capable of running OS X Mavericks. Here's how to do that:.

OS X Mavericks - Technical Specifications

Upgrade Snow Leopard to its latest version. To get Mavericks, you have to first be running Snow Leopard Once your computer turns on again you should be running the latest version of Snow Leopard. Now it's time to update to Mavericks.

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OS X Mavericks should be the first search result. Click on the button labeled Free Upgrade. When your computer reboots, sign in again with your Apple ID.

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Now you're running Mavericks OS X. Email jscharr techmedianetwork.

Install OS X Mavericks on OLD Mac Pro

Tom's Guide. Here's how to do that: Click the Apple icon in the upper left side of the screen. Click About This Mac from the dropdown menu.