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Why is SplashID Safe asking for my email address during setup? With version 6, SplashID introduced unified desktop sync, so you can synchronize your data across multiple mobile device platforms - iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry.

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Note: You should use the same email address you used during checkout to activate your license during setup. Password is optional. I am getting the following error - "Uncaught exception: java. I amgetting an Application Loader error: The following modules could not be loaded because their digital signatures were invalid: SplashID.

Blackberry application loader software for mac download

Please contact your IT department about this issue. Easiest solution is to download it wirelessly via your BlackBerry Browser on the device iteself. See the Over-the-air Downloads section of our download page:. SplashID is already installed, and you need to delete it. Then click Next. Now you should be able to add the ALX file on the next time around. You need to update your BlackBerry Desktop Manager software.

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Version 4. When I try to sync I gen an error - "Error connecting to handheld device. Please reconnect and try again. Please connect your device to the desktop and run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to set it up.

How To Force Detect Apploader - Desktop Software 6.0

There are no sample record types in the desktop application. To prevent duplication, we only included the sample types on the handheld application.

Sync your BlackBerry smartphone with your Mac

It turns out that this is a bug in Vista, and not in SplashID. Please see this Microsoft Knowledge Base article on the issue and ways to resolve it. Alternatively, click the Volume icon in the System Tray and select Mixer. Then click the Mute button for SplashID. I am having trouble synchronizing - troubleshooting tips. Yes, version 5 is compatible with the BlackBerry Storm.

There also is an over-the-air version for the device if you only want to install that:. Get the latest update here:. SplashData has been a leading provider of security applications and services for over 10 years. The company's secure password and record management solution SplashID Safe has over 1 million individual users worldwide as well as hundreds of business and enterprise clients.

Toggle navigation. Installation How does the trial version differ from the regular version? How do I install SplashID? Registration I just purchased SplashID and need a registration code. Do I have to upgrade to version 6? How do I set up SplashID sync? Toggle navigation. Knowledge Base. BlackBerry Desktop Software 4. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Software - if prompted, enter the device password. Click Application Loader.

How to Sync a BlackBerry with a Mac and iTunes

To theme your BlackBerry on a Mac computer, you will need to find a theme you like, download it, and apply it through the same BlackBerry Desktop Manager program that you would usually use for syncing your BlackBerry with your computer. Find a BlackBerry theme online that you like.

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac: Four things to know

Several sites have a wide selection of BlackBerry themes that you can download. Download the theme file that you want on your BlackBerry to your Mac's desktop. Double-click on the downloaded file to unzip the downloaded theme into an ALX file format if it is a compressed file. Click on "Applications Loader" in the program menu at the top of the window.

Select "Add" from the drop-down menu.