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WSL is genuinely exciting, and continues to be a reason to jump across, if you're a developer. Along with new ideas like the Chocolatey package manager to replace Brew and projects like Boxcutter to automate setting up your environment, it's a great time to jump in. Now that all of my devices have a touchscreen, I find the lack of one on a MacBook just perplexing—and I keep touching other people's screens out of instinct.

Say what you will about touch on laptops, but it's so much more natural than using a mouse a lot of the time, and it makes for a great experience when you're just on the couch, pawing through Netflix. I went out and picked up the Logitech Brio to add it to my desktop, because it felt silly typing in my password so much—and 1Password support sealed the deal for me.

Lots of laptops are now shipping with it as standard, and I hope that continues as it just makes the experience a little bit more seamless. One of the most persistent memes around Windows computers harks all the way back to Windows XP: updates are infuriatingly slow and seem like they're always happening when you don't want them to. I'm happy to say that Microsoft has made updating less painful on Windows 10 , changing the update process to actually apply the changes in the background and minimize the amount of time a machine is 'offline' during reboots.

Most updates notify me that they're done and need a restart, which is no longer a 'update' restart but just a normal-speed reboot to switch over the last few files. No more waiting around for "just a few more minutes" for Most of my day is spent writing posts like this one—but one of the most infuriating things you'll notice immediately on Windows is how poorly optimized the keyboard layout is: getting an em dash is near impossible, unless you like ALT-codes.


The state of switching to Windows from Mac in 12222

I struggled with this for a while until I stumbled across the 'typography layout' for Windows —a third-party keyboard layout that essentially delivers the Mac character set on Windows, making my life a whole lot easier. One of the best things about switching has just been the sheer options when it comes to hardware. While the MacBook continues to receive bumps to the same, broken keyboard design year after year, Windows hardware keeps getting better. There's a bunch of new hardware out there like Surface Laptop 2, Huawei's next-generation MateBook, Lenovo's X1 Carbon and more that feels genuinely original and high-quality.

A big shift in the last twelve months has been the appearance of popular, traditional apps in the Windows Store. Everything from Slack to Discord, Flux and Spotify now lives there, which has a fantastic side effect: seamless updates without ever thinking about it. As Microsoft hones in further on Progressive Web Apps as a platform, this will likely become the norm, but it's great to have the apps I interact with on a daily basis showing up there. All that seems to be suspiciously absent is Visual Studio Code, which is odd, given Microsoft actually owns that project.

One of the biggest hesitations of most people to switch is that they use a fancy macOS-only mail app they can't live without. While that may be true, I've come to find that I now use many more native, first-party apps that simply didn't exist on macOS in the first place. Netflix on the plane without a separate iPad just for that?

Yup, you can even sync stuff offline. There's native official apps for Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Hulu, Plex and so on, which is surprising, given that they don't have macOS counterparts at all. There still remains a dearth of inspiring apps like you might see on the other side, but it's been years since something genuinely new arrived on macOS as well. What does feel like a missed opportunity is Microsoft pulling some of the flagship iPad-first apps onto Windows. I'm hopeful that designers and developers looking for something new and jumping to Windows will encourage better, beautiful, weird ideas again, and there are promising signs.

Unigram, for example, is an exponentially better Telegram client than the official one, and demonstrates it's possible to build something great. Bash on Windows is generally great, but a performance issue emerged at some point that causes slowdowns on common tasks like npm install or large commits. This has been a known issue for months, with hundreds of developers chiming in about the issue The Fluent design language—which was touted as far back as two years ago—is a fantastic new direction for Windows. One area that seems to be ignored entirely is the taskbar.

I don't know if it's because Microsoft is scared to piss users off again after the debacle that was Windows 8, or if it just doesn't realize how messy it is—but it's in desperate need of new thinking. A great example of this can be found in the bottom right corner of the desktop, which I like to think of as the 'background dumping ground' where running tasks are relegated to a drawer that has no rules, consistency, or visual hierarchy.

Switching from Windows to Mac: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide)

For search in the forthcoming 19H1 update, the same could be said. Microsoft separated it from the Cortana assistant functionality—a wise move—but left it orphaned, floating, and just weird in general. Why can't this search bar be thought of in an entirely new way?

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I'd just love to see a fresh approach here: what does the task bar, or the dock, of the future look like? Setapp is basically your PC to Mac migration savior, as it allows you to get instant access to a collection of stellar apps for every need. Setapp is available on a monthly subscription basis, but what it offers in return is definitely worth it. This Mac app manager brings constant updates to its app list, while also making sure users always have the latest version of any app, by offering free updates.

Setapp has the best apps for Mac readily available, covering areas such as productivity, education, task management, writing, maintenance, creativity, Mac hacks, developer tools, lifestyle, personal finance, and more. Just imagine how much time it would take you to find at least one great app for each of these categories. And a lot of money.

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CleanMyMac X will help you to maintain the rapidity of your Mac by getting rid of junk and temporary files that could clog your system. To browse through all the apps offered by Setapp, just click here. Working with a Mac for the first time after years of handling Windows might seem a bit backwards. However, they are not indestructible, and you should still make sure your most important data is stored somewhere else. As you can guess, there are various way to backup Mac. The most straightforward, yet time consuming way, is to manually back up Mac.

This might leave room for error and some files might slip through your fingers. Another way of backing up your Mac is by turning to their own software — Time Machine. Once activated, the app will constantly save your files, making sure you can always return to the latest version and not lose anything. PC to Mac switchers always forget this important step and, in the rare eventuality of an accident, they are furious on macOS.

Better to prevent it while you can. There you have it, the basic things you should know to enjoy a great start on Mac and transform your migration from Windows to macOS into a pleasant experience. So keep a close eye on this blog! Is macOS really more productive? Is it a myth that Macs do not get slower over time like PC?

A diehard Mac user switches to Windows for a week - Business Insider

What can a Mac do that a PC can't? Print any file as a PDF. This works in almost any app for text documents, spreadsheets, images, and more. The multi-touch gestures on a trackpad or Magic Mouse are a huge aid to productivity and, once you master them, they help you work much faster. Time Machine. Preview files. Select any compatible file in the Finder, tap the spacebar and you can preview its contents without having to open the default app.

This alone will save you dozens of hours over time. Make music for free. Which Mac operating system should you opt for? How to transfer data from PC to Mac? Know your new shortcuts on Mac Working with a Mac for the first time after years of handling Windows might seem a bit backwards. Get Setapp. More reads you might like. Your name.