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  1. Top 6 Mac Lipsticks for Olive or Brown Skintone
  2. 15 Best MAC Lipsticks You Need To Have
  3. 15 Of The Best MAC Lipsticks Out There
  4. 15 Best MAC Lipsticks You Need To Have
  5. MAC Twig vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks – In-depth Comparison

The color is a beautiful bump up from my natural lip color. I love this hue because it's neutral with a twist. It's not an overwhelming color, but it still has a vampy vibe that makes it fun to wear.

It makes me feel cool, sultry, and sophisticated—without trying too hard! Anyone looking for a versatile nude shade should try it out. Diane: "This lipstick is such a surprise for me because I thought I would find it boring—most nudes are to me. This one brings an interesting twist on a nude: I feel like the hue gives my skin more color and doesn't wash out my pale skin.

Interestingly enough, the slight blue undertone also brings out my blue eyes. Now I wear this color all the time. Jessica: "As someone with a warm olive skin tone, I tend to gravitate to rosy-hued neutrals when I'm not rocking a bluish red.

Top 6 Mac Lipsticks for Olive or Brown Skintone

I was pleasantly surprised that Whirl didn't look as brown as I thought it might once I had it on. I often go for a shiny finish as mattes tend to feel drying on my lips, but this matte finish felt soft and creamy—which was awesome since I love the matte look. Renee: "I like how the dusty rose color complements my pale skin tone and brings out the flush in my cheeks. It's great to wear on the weekend for lazy museum browsing or shopping—when I want to be seen but in a low-key way.

It makes me feel like me , just stronger and better. Ariella: "I thought it may be too dark for my skin, but it's surprisingly flattering! It's not your typical color, but it still makes your lips stand out in a natural way. I don't wear lipstick often, but I love how comfortable I feel in this one. According to Thomas, skin prep is very important.

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After that absorbs, blot away the excess. It works especially well on darker skin tones and can be complemented with a gloss or a lipstick liner. WIth greyish-gold undertones, it pairs beautifully with deeper and olive-toned skin for a rich, slightly lustre finish.

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  6. Pro tip: For additional coverage, you can set your lip with a bit of translucent powder. This shade is a warm brown with slightly peachy undertones, perfect for all skin tones. With blue-red undertones, this shade is a richly-pigmented red that dries down very matte.

    15 Best MAC Lipsticks You Need To Have

    This lipstick is actually very classic but still looks beautiful to wear, even Rihana loves this lipstick a lot since it is considered to be the true red color lipstick. It might be rather difficult to apply since it is dry but it could stay very long without reapply. If you want something that you can wear daily then Syrup in Lustre finish is the one you should try. Because of the creamy mauve pink appearance it looks like as if you do not wear any lipsticks, but because of the finish you might need to reapply this frequently.

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    If you want darker color to use but still in Lustre finish, then Plumful is the choice you should have. Usually fair skin cannot wear orange undertone on their lips but this Crosswires in Creamsheen finish is an exception.

    It has a coral color which would be very beautiful to be wear in summer, especially if you have light eyes like green or blue. As the diva personality it really has glamorous but very fun look which suitable for your night out.

    15 Of The Best MAC Lipsticks Out There

    This one comes in an amplified finish really has a high pigmentation, so you do not need to reapply it very often for at least 4 hours, this is why it is the perfect lipstick for evening. If you want another pink color for your fair skin, then you should try this Chatterbox in Amplified finish. If you want to have a unique shade then you must try this Show Orchid lipstick which comes in magenta color. It is very bright violet lipstick which will give your face a bold statement so you will stand out more. Coming in matte finish, it is very suitable for daily usage since it has very soft brownish pink color.

    It could blend perfectly with your daily makeup since it is very natural looking but it still give you very fresh look with hint of color in your lips. Even though it comes with satin finish, but it still appear ratter matte and it last quite long so you do not need to be worry about reapply it. This brown lipstick very suitable for daily usage and you can pair it with neutral makeup as well as smokey eyes accent.

    You can wear it to the office daily since it really one of the best brown lipstick in the market today. The blue undertone that this MAC lipstick has will brighten your face skin color instantly so it will make you appear fresher. When you first apply it, the lipstick will appear glossy however after it settles it will appear rather matte. This lipstick is first created in the eighties and always become favorite since then, you can see that this lipstick really have something if it could last more than two decades. Even though the red color is very bold, but it comes in matte finish thus make it natural to be had on medium skin tone.

    Use this classic collection from MAC that makes the brand famous when you want to have sexy look in your glamorous night. Even if you have medium skin, it does not mean you could not use pink color.

    15 Best MAC Lipsticks You Need To Have

    This twig lipstick from MAC is really what you looking for since it is very suitable for medium skin. It look very natural with the satin finish since it not shimmery that is why you must try to use it for your fall look even though this seasonal collection also suitable for every season.

    It will last on your lips for around 4 to 5 hours long and it will give elegant addition to your makeup. Everyone need to have nude lipstick, however for you who has medium skin tone, it might be a little hard to find the right nude lipstick that would not make you appear like a zombie. But now you should not have to worry since now you get these Velvet Teddy best MAC lipsticks which you should really try.

    This lipstick comes in nude beige color which very deep but still have pink shade which make it suitable for medium skin tone especially if you pair it with smoky eyes. If you need another pink lipstick then you must want to have this speak louder lipstick from MAC. This pink lipstick is different from other pink lipstick since it has reddish tone which makes it a little bit like neon tone but not that neon so it could still be used daily. The cremesheen finish make the texture very creamy and highly moisturizing thus you do not need to worry to use it every day.

    MAC Twig vs Velvet Teddy Lipsticks – In-depth Comparison

    Because it is bright and a little bit shiny but not that muted you can use it for both day and night usage thus makes it the best and easiest pink lipstick you should have. Even though the name of this MAC lipstick is Relentlessly Red but it actually has pink color with bright carrot tone. Because of this unique color, it really grabbed everyone attention when you wear it since it is very pretty and charming. Because of the retro matte finish, it really has great pigmentation that will last for a long time for at least 6 hours.