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I now own 3 of the Soundcraft Ui12's. The first one I bought years ago has had a lot of use.

Digital Live Sound Mixing Console

Over that time it has dropped 6 of its 8 channels. I sent it back to Thomann for an out of warranty repair and their third party repairer Soundcraft I presume said it was too costly to bother with. Much cheaper to buy new.

The second unit I bought relatively recently as a replacement for the first. It had a fault where the power supply connects directly to the unit. Sent it back for an in warranty repair and all is well with it now. The third unit I purchased recently as a backup to the second. All running well with it, so far As a regularly gigging musician you need to be able to rely on your gear. Apart from the reliability I really love its features and here are three of my favourites: A: The multiple shows you can save, load and backup.

B: The ability to record directly to a USB stick and instantly playback to hear how your balance is. Great feature for doing your own sound engineering and getting your setup just right C: Graphic eq on each channel and compressor I recently changed my solo setup and I'm no longer using the Ui12 for that. A bit relieved to get away from it because of the reliability. Always on the back of my mind when doing a gig. Will continue to use for my other projects. Please give us the reason for your assessment in the following text box and — if possible — your e-mail address for further questions.

Send report. The first thing that strikes you when you open the box is how small it is. Literally not much more than a shoe-box. It really is an incredibly compact mixer. The first thing to note is that one unit I tested a different supplier had a very noisy preamps hiss and instability and a PSU fault. That was returned and I replaced it with this one from Thomann.

Fortunately, this one is perfect. The preamps are quiet and sound very good, similar to my old EFX8. The ability to control it across a wide range of devices, without needing special apps is brilliant. I had it working on iPads and Android Tabs with no problem at all.

Vi6 | Soundcraft - Professional Audio Mixers

The wi-fi hotspot was strong and stable, with no connection problems. The GUI is very clear and very logical. Ease of use is excellent. The effects included are very good. Nice reverbs. The AFS-2 feedback suppression is highly effective. For those mixing at small gigs, for example solo acts, duos and small bands this is a superb mixer. I have been involved with pro sound for over 40 years, and what they have managed to pack into this is simply amazing! Read all reviews Rate product. Free shipping incl. In stock within weeks. In stock within weeks This item is expected back in stock soon and can then be shipped immediately.

Standard Delivery Times. Add to Basket. Add to wish list. It allows you to mix your show without maxing your budget! The input fader control surface provides you with an intuitive digital mixing layout. Vistonics touch technology combines with Soundcraft's famous FaderGlow technology to complete the console with a comprehensive, logical layout. The 64 mono channels can be paired for stereo capability.

Powerful bit floating point digital signal processing DSP helps drive to Vi1 digital mixer.

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Onboard Lexicon effects give you access to reverbs, delays, gates, compression and more! You can take remote control of the Soundcraft Vi1 digital live sound mixing console with your iPad and the corresponding Soundcraft application. The world's best-loved digital live sound console is now more accessible than ever.

Soundcraft Vi Series console have revolutionized the process of live sound digital mixing through the combination of exceptional sound quality and a refreshingly intuitive operating interface. With the advent of Vistonics, engineers were finally freed from the complex "mental mapping" that had been demanded of them up until then and could now, quite literally, see the full power and versatility of digital mixing open up before them. Not surprisingly, Vi Series consoles have gone on to provide the mixing solution on major tours and big festivals the world over.

And now comes the Soundcraft Vi1 - a mixer that makes the world's best-loved digital live sound console more accessible than ever.

Further Information

The affordable Vi1 may be the baby of Soundcraft's Vi Series digital live sound console range, but it's fully grown up when it comes to features. The 16 input fader control surface delivers simultaneous mixing of 64 mono inputs channels may be paired for stereo into 24 mono busses plus LRC - enough capacity to handle all but the very largest shows.

And thanks to the Widescreen Vistronics touchscreen, all the parameters of 16 channels are simultaneously displayed and instantly accessible, with the other channels just a click away. Legendary Vi audio quality is ensured by the same bit floating point DSP running the same algorithms as the larger consoles in the Vi family - indeed anyone who has used another Vi console will find the Vi1 instantly familiar.

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At the heart of any Soundcraft Vi Series digital live sound console lies Vistonics - the revolutionary touchscreen interface that locates the rotary encoders directly onto the display. Adjusting a parameter eg EQ from the same location at which it's data is being displayed removes the burden of complex mental mapping from the operator, streamlining workflow and greatly enhancing the creative process.

The Vi1 features a "widescreen" Vistonics implementation, with 2 rows of 16 rotary encoders providing simultaneous access to 16 input channels. Just touching the screen is all it takes to access the channel functions including routing, input gain, digital gain trim, delay, high and low pass filters, 4-band fully parametric EQ, compressor, limiter, gate, de-esser and pan, with immediate access to a sophisticated visual status display and straightforward controls.

In addition, a dedicated area of the Widescreen Vistonics interface is provided for output processing control, along with a complete meter overview display for all inputs and outputs. Another dedicated area displays the snapshot cuelist, as well as access to the menu system and display of diagnostics information. Working in conjunction with Vistonics to deliver the ultimate operator experience, Soundcraft FaderGlow illuminates the fader track in colours that integrate with the Vistonics display, alerting the user to the current operational status - VCA groups, graphic EQ, Matrix outputs, soloed bus contributor, etc.

Frequency is displayed in a similar style to a radio tuner scale for easy assimilation, and the HF and LF bands can be switched to shelving EQ. The dynamics section controls a Noise Gate with attack, hold and release, and a key facility with filtering. The gate can be replaced with a De-Esser function. Working in series with the Gate, the full-function Compressor maps gain reduction metering onto the LED meter in the fader area, with full control of threshold, ratio and release with an independent Limiter section and overall gain makeup.

Touching the chosen function area on the Widescreen Vistonics channel strip opens up the corresponding control panel in the lower area, with that area being highlighted to easily identify which part of the channel strip is active. An area of the channel strip allows access to routing and control of the output busses.

Subsequently, within each channel strip setup, busses can be switched on or off with level control, or switched pre or post fader. Sophisticated Cue List management allows changes to be applied to multiple Cues and recall scope to be set per snapshot. Snapshot recalls can use crossfades to smoothly transition from one setting to the next. User-configurable fader layers allow an engineer to map out his own channels on any 5 user layers so that a combination of different inputs can be placed on one fader layer. This allows, for example, the main vocalist mics to be programmed to appear in the same location on every layer, so they are always accessible, or bringing other essential channels closer to a central operating position.

The Vistonics II interface provides the perfect vehicle for displaying and editing effects parameters, and 4 independent stereo Lexicon multi-effects units each provide 14 reverbs, 7 delays and 8 pitch shifting effects, patchable to input channels, aux outputs and channel inserts. Simply bringing up the output channel strip and touching the Graphic EQ button immediately assigns console faders to control Graphic EQ, with FaderGlow lighting the way.