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Now whenever you save a file from your first Mac, you will see it on your second Mac as long they both are connected to Dropbox. In this example, when I take a screenshot on my first Mac, it will automatically appear on the second Mac without me having to transfer or duplicate files to and from my Dropbox folder.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to enjoy a better experience. To sync any files on your Mac to Dropbox cloud storage without transferring or duplicating a file to your Dropbox folder, follow these simple steps; Open your Terminal window, type " ln -s ", hit space and leave it, do not enter.

Open your Finder and locate the folder you want to sync with Dropbox.

Symbolic Links 101

Drag and drop the folder to your Terminal window, and the path should appear after the line ln -s. Open your Finder again, locate the Dropbox folder and drag it to your Terminal window.

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Now you have the path to your Dropbox folder in your Terminal. Open your Dropbox folder to see the shortcut to that folder that has been created. How to sync between two folders in macOS If you own more than one Mac and you want to make sure every Mac has the same settings or the same files in it to save time, you can use this method.

Three simple steps for keeping your home folders backed up in DropBox

Make sure you have done the previous steps on your first Mac. From your second Mac, open your Terminal and type the line "ln -s". Hit space and leave it. Do not hit enter.

(Mac only) Symbolic Link to sync Presets with Dropbox across two machines | Lightroom Queen Forums

Taking the trouble to set this up will pay off in the end when you see how quickly your selected files update on your computers via Dropbox. This tutorial assumes that you already have the Dropbox client installed on your Mac. Read More.

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  • In order to create your symbolic link using the Automator, we need to download the action from Junecloud. When you click to the site, scroll down and click on the green download button. After the.

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    But remember, doing all this mechanical work is going to save you lots of time in the long run. Now go onto your other Mac, your laptop for instance, in which you want to sync with the Typinator or TextExpander file in your Dropbox account. Download the Create Symbolic action to that Mac and install it in Automator in the same way you did above.

    The reason is that you want to replace that folder with the one in your Dropbox.

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