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Requires Android 2.

Review: Gameloft Starfront: Collision

The interface works well for a Real Time Strategy game and sports a nice modern, easy to use interface. The upgrade to the larger screen feels like more could have been done with the additional space, but all in all it still works well and looks much better in HD. However, there are some other RTS-like games out there that are worth noting. Despite the complaints of not improving on the original gameplay, Starfront remains the best RTS title on the mobile markets.

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StarFront: Collision HD 1. Editor's review.

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File details. User reviews. Size 0. There are no user reviews. RTS games often succeed or fail based upon their interfaces, and the small screen on an iPhone or iPod touch makes this an extra challenge. Starfront does an excellent job by giving you instant access to necessary controls and status information.

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You can hide and reveal menus as you need them freeing much of the screen for the impressive visuals. Unfortunately, Starfront is not native to the iPad—a major oversight by Gameloft in my opinion. Gameplay extends well beyond the extensive campaign.

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  • In skirmish mode, you can create your own single-player battles, and the different multiplayer options give you unlimited replay. Whatever game mode you select, the action is intense and smooth even with dozens of units at play.

    Download Free Android Game Starfront Collision HD - -

    Each of these hurls you back to mankind's past, with the former goal-based title enabling you to control Romans, Vikings and Mayans, build a little civilisation and then give the neighbours a good old-fashioned kicking. Rather like its cousin on the PC, Settlers IV , this iOS game is complex, demanding mastery of resource management and economic relationships within settlements, but initial missions ease you in gently. By contrast, Autumn Dynasty dumps you in medieval Japan with the task of quelling a rebellion uprising.

    It's more streamlined compared to those mentioned so far, and limitations regarding plots to build on and the number of units you can control initially frustrate; however, perseverance reveals a satisfying, challenging game that also rewards anyone who loves battlefield tactics.

    Starfront Collision HD v1 x x

    Several RTS efforts take Autumn Dynasty's streamlining much further, most typically in a direction that could be labelled 'a bit arcadey'. Tiny Troopers 69p, Universal is an iOS take on Cannon Fodder , eschewing resource micro-management and unit building, instead placing emphasis on a little squad of soldiers on various simple missions. At times, this quirky, fun game is almost as bloodthirsty and darkly comic as its inspiration, although it lacks the ability to split squads, thereby limiting its potential from a strategic standpoint during gunfights.

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    Your 'troops' in Eufloria are instead space seedlings aiming to colonise asteroids.