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Hope this helps you understand better about terminal commands. The full list of terminal-related RStudio commands and keyboard shortcuts is in Appendix B. For example, you can access the Startup folder quickly, if you type the following in the Run dialog: The command line is a text interface for your computer. You could spend days exploring all the commands and functions and you still not may find these funny little things.

Before we begin sharing the best cmd 8 Best Kali Linux Terminal Commands for Hackers and Security Researchers Before we start telling you about the 8 best Kali Linux Commands for Hacking in the terminal, there are a few things we would like to discuss. These Linux commands will help us navigate to particular directories and search for 11 pointless but awesome Linux terminal tricks Here are some great Linux terminal tips and tricks, each one as pointless as it is awesome. Today I am going to show you just little minor and fun things to do in terminal.

But it can be even more efficient if you run multiple commands at once. The quickest way to get to know Terminal and understand how it works is to start using it.

What I have done is crawl the web look of the Top 50 Terminal commands. ADB Shell. Here is a small collection of such commands. These commands are useful when you don't have access GUI. While I realize this site is about a Ubuntu user, you should take care to not give undue credit. Linux already has a terminal.

Thanks for watching guys and see you in next video! If you wonder of that I haven't got intros on my recent videos is because of I haven't got enough time to edit them.

Fun terminal commands

Below is a list of use Rust console commands for both players and admins. But, there exist tons of Windows Command Prompt tricks that you can learn, use them, and impress your friends. Folders are called directories in UNIX. Of course many of the commands listed will have no To start the journey, learn how to open Terminal app on Mac: Click Launchpad and then type Terminal in the search bar.

In the future, we will create a separate guide with advanced Linux commands. Here are some Bash commands that are fun, and some of them are useful as well. How to create your own Custom Terminal Commands. Fun Terminal Commands. Yes, Linux is really fun, if you know the correct commands. As with any pursuit, the best way to become proficient with Ubuntu commands is to learn by doing and to get involved in the community!

It's like any other unix terminal- see what programs are installed, read their manpages, and that should give you and idea of what you can do with it. It is designed for you to typing in specific commands that you would not be able to do otherwise. Now you can access the Android shell using on the phone itself. Run Command Prompt as an Administrator Automatically Many commands require that you execute them from an elevated Command Prompt in Windows - in other words, execute them from a Command Prompt that's run as an administrator.

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Posted on February 24, by. One of the simplest commands which can be very fun, especially when you are planning a prank on somebody. The terminal is a very powerful tool, and it can be a fun place to be, too. In the market, find Terminal Emulator and install. Terminal brings the command line back to your Mac.

5 Fun & Useful Terminal Commands You Can Use More Than Once [Mac & Linux]

As a Linux user, you're going to spend a lot of time mastering the command line. I am new to linux and I would like to find documentation on all the available terminal commands and syntax for CentOS 5. Open your Dash, which is pictured below. There are several commands you will be using with your Terminal. Ping is probably one of the more useful Terminal commands that an everyday Mac user might actually use. Well, without doubt using them sure gives a vibe that you fall in the higher IQ See Command Prompt Trick 7 below for a different solution to this problem.

Hello, everybody! We've included all of them in this list to help show changes in commands from operating system to operating system.

We will go over how to create a serial terminal connection within a command line interface later in this tutorial. At least mention that other distrobutions can do most of those commands. Launch Terminal and get ready for some completely stupid tricks to keep yourself entertained. If you use Linux, you know how useful the command line can be for working with files, installing software, and launching programs.

For a lot more, check out our Mac Terminal commands cheat sheet The Mac Terminal Commands Cheat Sheet The Mac Terminal Commands Cheat Sheet Our mega cheat sheet of Mac terminal commands provides a great reference for all the Some of these Command Prompt tricks and hacks are special features or fun uses for the Command Prompt itself, while others are just neat or relatively unknown things you can do with certain CMD commands. Here's how to use it to customise and troubleshoot your Mac, and the most commonly used Terminal commands Terminal provides a command line PC Gamer is supported by its audience.

Even if the victim tries to go back into gamemode 1, they'll be switched back to GM2 by the command block. Here are several fun Terminal commands for Mac. Back when it was just you and a The linux terminal is very powerful and comprehensive.

Make Your Mac Say Anything Out Loud (In Siri’s Voice!)

Just type any text in Terminal and your computer will speak it in your Mac's default voice. But, mistyping the ls command could result in something fun.

fun terminal commands - Mac

Moreover, it makes a great tool for troubleshooting and performing actions, not just customizing things. If you found this tutorial helpful, let us know in the comments below or visit us on Twitter. Ten fun and useful Terminal commands to use in macOS 1. Check server response Ping is probably one of the more useful Terminal commands that an everyday Mac user might actually use. Disable screenshot shadows You can easily toggle off screenshot shadows when you take a screenshot of a specific window on your Mac by using the following command: defaults write com.

Show hidden files in Finder Terminal also provides you with an easy way to show all hidden files in Finder. Make your Mac say anything you want You can also use Terminal to have your Mac say anything you want. Keep your Mac from falling asleep Terminal comes with a way to keep your Mac from falling asleep , dimming the display, or showing the screensaver. Simply use the following command: caffeinate With this command having been used, your Mac will act like it just drank a venti-sized coffee at Starbucks.


You can end the stress test at any time with the following command: killall yes If you suspect you have a faulty fan, this is a good time to listen for grinding. You can also disable the chirp at any time with the following command: defaults write com. Check for macOS updates more often Your Mac is configured out of the box to check for updates for macOS and your Mac App Store apps on a weekly basis, but you can change that with Terminal. For example, if you want your Mac to check for updates daily instead, enter the following command: defaults write com. SoftwareUpdate ScheduleFrequency -int 7 Now, you can notified of your important app updates and macOS updates much more frequently than before.

Anything Spotlight can find, mdfind can find too.

20 amusing Linux commands to have fun with the terminal

That includes the ability to search inside files and metadata. For instance, the -onlyin flag can restrict the search to a single directory:. The mdfind database should stay up to date in the background, but you can also troubleshoot it as well as Spotlight using mdutil. You can also turn off indexing entirely with mdutil -i off. Here are just a few different ways you can use screencapture :.

Select a portion of the screen with your mouse, capture its contents, and save the image as a pdf:. With launch daemons and launch agents, you can control the services that start up when you boot your computer. You can even set up scripts to run periodically or at timed intervals in the background, similar to cron jobs on Linux. Running launchctl list will show you what launch scripts are currently loaded. Without any options, say will simply speak whatever text you give it out loud. You can also use say to speak the contents of a text file with the -f flag, and you can store the resulting audio clip with the -o flag:.

The say command can be useful in place of console logging or alert sounds in scripts.