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CompanionLink (free version) download for PC

Once this standalone application is installed, it will require no additional memory. So, issues such as performance and CPU usage are no longer concerns. Those who are looking for more advanced features can choose to select an in-app purchase. This tool will offer additional options such as a data feed and scheduled appointments. Although DejaDesktop Calendar Wallpaper is certainly a functional calendar, it is equipped with additional options such as saving notes and adding contact information.

It is therefore a great program for both personal and professional use. Updates will automatically take place whenever a new task or note is added.

This software requires What do you think about DejaDesktop Calendar Wallpaper? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web?

Howto Download a Totally Free Computer Solution

Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description. Live telephone support is said to be available in the event of a question or problem.

Your data from PC to Phone, Easy, Fast, Affordable!

CONS Some users warn that this application contains malware; a very real concern. In the DejaOffice app for Android, you'll sign in with the same information, so your phone or tablet and PC or Mac will now exchange information in near real-time, wirelessly. Be sure to select "Push Sync" inside the app. That's it. In my nearly two weeks of testing, DejaOffice was able to accomplish what others could not: smooth, reliable and quick syncing between Android and Microsoft Office on a computer. Keep in mind, it works better if you use the Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos Notes and Journal tabs from within the DejaOffice app, opposed to using the default apps on your phone or tablet though there is an option to sync to them.

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If you don't want that extra step, you can set Android home screen shortcuts to individual apps within DejaOffice such as Contacts and Calendar. There are dozens of features built into DejaOffice, but here are a few: support for Microsoft Exchange; advanced search through all fields including CRM customer relationship management data; five different calendar views; colored-coded categories; the option to add callers to your contacts with photos ; full database encryption and password-protected areas; a history log; and dual-pane viewing options for Android tablets. uses cookies.

If you've been having trouble syncing your 'droid with Microsoft Outlook, you have nothing to lose by giving DejaOffice a spin over its day trial period.