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  2. Hunting for the absolute best Bloody Mary in Chicago and beyond
  3. Just Keep Swimming: A Review of Mac Miller’s Final Album
  4. Mac Miller’s Last Days and Life After Death

He wished Grande well on her engagement to Pete Davidson. He was going on tour in October. Later in the month he was playing tennis and enjoying the L. Mac Miller: Life in Pictures. Miller said the DUI was a huge wake-up call, the best thing that could have happened. On Friday, Mac Miller died. No cause has been given yet, but it's being reported as an apparent overdose. He was Tributes have poured forth from his fellow artists.


Warner Bros. Celebrity Deaths: 's Fallen Stars. So begins the search for signs, the parsing of the lyrics, the clues that he was spiraling out of control despite the positivity he'd been evincing lately. Eventually, he came to the conclusion that all he could do was be true to himself. I'm not saying anyone's not honest. I think people just don't know what to make of things right away. I think you have to give everyone some time to let their eyes settle It's a lot of 'Why are you here? I think everybody asks that about everyone.

I'm figuring it out. As long as I can go to sleep at night and know that everything matches up together, then I feel good about it. It's annoying to be out and have someone come up to me and think they know. They're like 'Yo, man, are you okay? Plus, he'd had a very public relationship with a very famous woman, and in the Instagram age all eyes were on him no matter what. But … I've also not talked about what songs mean, what's this or what's that. I've just kind of left it up to interpretation," Miller said.

I just feel like I worked so hard to make something, and then when I take the kids to college, I have to let them kind of Whatever happens. I'm not a f--king put-together product. But with the success came the spoils.

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But it's addictive; don't mess around," he added. In January he announced he was leaving his longtime label, Rostrum Records. He also opened up about the addiction issues that required serious attention, even after he quit syrup. I was having a good time I guess, but it was time to clean my act up and get back to work," he told Power 's The Breakfast Club in August Miller didn't go to rehab, he said, but he took a step back from the spotlight to focus on music and his health.

Hunting for the absolute best Bloody Mary in Chicago and beyond

I don't feel like touring. I don't feel like putting an album out," he said. I was just making a lot of music and I got comfortable in this zone of like, I don't need to bring any money in, I got money. Just record and have fun—then I realized that I hadn't put anything out [in awhile]. In addition to the drug problem, "I was just pretty depressed," he acknowledged to King. I think it started [with success]. It's funny because you talk to people and they say, 'You know, what do you have to be depressed about?

You have money and [stuff]. He didn't really know why he was depressed, the congenial artist admitted, and "you want to put your finger on it," but you can't. Miller went back on the road and the estimable life he had carved out for himself continued. Grande made them Instagram-official that September. They had known each other for several years, since collaborating on 's "The Way," which included a kiss in the music video, and there were romance rumors even then, although Grande had a boyfriend. And, that's awesome and she's a great person. She's one of the nicest, just, people I've ever met in my life.

We weren't ready at all, though, to be together.


It's just timing. We both needed to experience some things, but the love has been there the whole time. It's pretty simple, but also very complex in its own right. I think the more words that surround what it means, the more it gets viewed on what I'm trying to do here. You can do so much with a day. I spent so many days just waiting for the next one to come. Now, I'm excited for every day, which is really great. As soon as I learned that I could do things creatively sober, then it was good.

The High Life - Mac Miller

As long as I can still be creative, I'm geeked. It's even better because before, my every other aspect was destruction.

Just Keep Swimming: A Review of Mac Miller’s Final Album

Now I can do both which is important because they feed off each other. I think love is the coolest thing that there is. It can be blissful, it can be painful, it can be complicated, or it can be simple. It's not just one thing and that's really what I wanted to capture with this album is all the different aspects of it. I think, we're just chillin'.

Mac Miller’s Last Days and Life After Death

It's whatever. That's not the real world," he added, referring to their social media presence and whatever other people had to say about them. Asked about his sobriety, he indicated he wasn't abstaining entirely. The show put the scale of his impact profoundly on display. Rarely do so many dissimilar acts manage to paint such a cohesive portrait of an artist who holds weight in a range of genres. A video collection featured messages from celebrities ranging from Donald Glover to Jason Sudekis to Karl-Anthony Towns, all expressing their gratitude for the late rapper.

Some small moments were transcendent, like for the young woman sitting in front of me who sobbed as Anderson.

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Throughout the night, the audience of 6, or so moved from solemn to celebratory. Each artist only performed two or three songs, with some amounting to little more than snippets e. Maybe they missed the point. Nobody was really there to perform a concert. They were there to show Mac how much they cared about him. So was most of the audience. We just hoped he was watching. After the show, I found myself speaking to a something year old woman on our walk outside of the theater. I asked how she felt.