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The update to OS X I put my name on a list to be informed when a new driver became available for my old wifi USB, but the wait was indefinite. It was welcome news when I found this product had a driver compatible with the current OS. The AC has the feel of a higher-end product. The low profile and external finish give it a look that is very well-matched to the MacBook. I am also happy with the performance. Speed is good with a good signal.

If you have a driver installed for a different wifi USB, be aware that this can be an issue. I may have been able to find a quicker solution, but I ended up doing a new clean install of the OS - very time consuming.

Happily the little activity light on the AC lit up after rebuilding my OS and drive. It turns out that my second router is a single band 2. Even though it supports So be sure your wifi router is broadcasting on the 5 GHz band typically listed as dual band.


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One person found this helpful. Ironically enough, I received an email for the pending Windows 10 driver yesterday, and I have installed it by updating the driver for this Adapter in the Device Manager in Windows The driver available is currently in beta release and does work great so far.

The beta driver does not have an installer, so you should know how to install without the installer package, if you wish to do so. I have raised my review back to four stars, with the expectation that the driver will be released soon. Unfortunately Windows 10 still will not work and I have signed up, but have not heard anything back from Edimax on a Windows 10 driver update.

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I'm on the mailing list for the driver update. Cannot recommend at this time for windows 10, when there are other products with better support. I'm disappointed because it did work well with Windows 8. This was not available at this time, but they did offer to send me a link to sign up to be notified of new drivers for Windows 10 as they become available.

I did sign up, and I hope to hear something soon, or after Windows 10 Release this month.

Remove and Re-Add The WiFi Service

The customer support from Edimax USA was fantastic so far. I have so far been unable to install the drivers successfully in windows 10 preview up through build It will install, but the card doesn't find any networks. Windows 10 is not listed in the compatibility list for the driver according to Edimax website, so maybe they will update when Windows 10 is released at the end of July. Older Review Below: Works great on my custom dell n windows 8.

WPA2 Setup for Mac OS X | UBC Information Technology

Originally I tried to combine with the built in wifi and run both cards simultaneously. Click the Wireless icon at the top of the screen. The Network window should now be open. Click the Advanced button at the bottom right. It should now say you are Status: Authenticating… at the bottom. A security warning may appear.

How to install the driver manually on MAC OS?

Click the Continue button or the Show Certificate button. Place a checkmark next to Always trust these certificates. Click Continue…. Click OK at the advanced Network window.

Fix problem of your USB Wireless Antenna in MAC OS in 5 min

You should now be at the Wi-Fi tab of the Network window. A window titled The first standards in the family, All current models for sale of Macs, iPhones, and iPads have However, A computer might fill the typical four slots available, while the Edimax AC fills two and some mobile devices only use one. Edimax also includes beamforming, which lets an adapter and router focus more of their transmitting signal energy at each, producing a stronger and thus often faster connection. Edimax says the AC adapter maxes out at Mbps in 2.

You have to install a custom driver and then restart to use the adapter. It looks a bit like an electronic cigarette releasing green vapor. Behind the scenes, the driver updates network settings, so you can modify details like DNS or other elements via the Network system preference pane. You use the utility menu to change the network to which you want to connect, however. While connected, a tiny blue LED is lit on the adapter.