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  1. Does nobody make a Memory Stick PRO DUO Reader?
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  5. Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo Reader

Have had this for a long time now and never had a problem with it. Delkin USB 3. I originally ordered this for my laptop since my desktop had a multi-card reader built-in.

Does nobody make a Memory Stick PRO DUO Reader?

Also it has a micro SD card slot so I can read the memory cards that are in the Zoom H1 audio recorder or my wife's camera without using the full size SD adapter. It's also smaller than it looks like in the product photo since the predominate feature shown is the micro SD slot which is really small. It's roughly the size of a smart phone same width as an iPhone, almost an inch shorter, and a smidgen thicker. So now I use it all the time on my desktop and unplug it when I need it for travel Maybe I'll have Works great - just like it should.

I use this for my phones SD card.

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  • Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo Reader!
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There are times when you need to access files using a drive letter. This makes that possible. It is also much faster to use the SD card in the reader as opposed to accessing the card while it's still in your phone.

See All Buying Options. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. I bought this for my Sony handycam.

The pro duo adapter did not work. Which was the whole point why I bought the pro duo. My camera was unable to read it, even though the New SD card was inside it. Otherwise everything, the usb reader and the SD card after I put it in my digital camera worked great. The pro duo would probably only work in a psp. Buy the actual pro duo card. Only 5 left in stock more on the way. Guess what it's used in?

Sony Ericsson phones. The fattest available size is 16GB, which is notably pricier than its microSD cousin. Predictably, cards with heftier storage don't always play nice in older readers.

No explanation

They're really only used in you guessed it Olympus and Fujifilm cameras—Kodak dabbled before hopping on the SD Express—and pathetically they only hold up to 2GB. Die already. Update : Okay, it does have one legit use—as a commenter has pointed out , it's descended from the extinct SmartMedia format, and provides easy access to a standard NAND flash chip, making it ideal for ROM-dumping for hackers. Conveniently, it uses the ExpressCard form factor, so it'll pop right in some notebooks.

SD Memory Card Formatter 5.0.1 for SD/SDHC/SDXC

P2 is another fancy ass, pricey pro-level card for camcorders, but it was developed by SD-pimpin' Panasonic. And that, friends, should just about do you, at least for a little while, or until Sony releases its next Memory Stick flavor of the week. Something you still wanna know? Send any questions about memory, Johnny Mnemonic or blackjack to tips gizmodo. What other kinds of tech would you like to see an illustrated guide for? The A.

Giz Explains: An Illustrated Guide to Every Stupid Memory Card You Need

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Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo Reader

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Not only is Wi-Fi slower and impossibly slow for transferring videos , but not every camera has built-in Wi-Fi; some older cameras require a Wi-Fi module sold separately or simply can't support Wi-Fi at all. And honestly, most of the Wi-Fi transfer interfaces I've seen on new cameras still kind of suck. They're confusing and the opposite of user-friendly. No fiddling with Wi-Fi connections or Bluetooth or whatever. It's true, I could buy a memory card reader, but it won't be an elegant solution. Not to mention you don't want it hanging off your computer whenever it's in your bag, so you'll likely remove it, increasing the likelihood of it getting misplaced or lost.

Another possible reason for removing the SD card slot is likely related to ecosystem lock-in. Professionals will end up getting a memory card reader, but most people are probably shooting photos with their iPhones.