Mac neutral eyeshadows for blue eyes


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Hi Sam! I agree.

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Which shadows do you love? Post a Comment. Welcome to Baroque In Babylon! I'm busy at home doing a lot of swatches so I can catch up. I try to update hauls and different things I've got here in my stash, but dang it, it takes me forever to edit and post the photos. Sometimes Blogger is crap and rejects photos or the editing goes all wonky and I get crabby and put it off.

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BUT today I wanted to get some done. Here is my pro palette for Blue Eyes. I'm not a big fan of "If you look like this, wear colors like this" sort of theory, but it's how I grouped this particular palette. I used blue gaffer's tape for the names and stuck them on the lid- ha!

I'm going to offend nearly half of the makeup community by saying these are not my favorite eyeshadows.

Make the most out of those Baby B's with the best eyeshadow colours for blue eyes

If you have brown eye color then you have it easy, there are a lot of color shades that you can use easily, but if you want the best MAC eyeshadows for brown eyes for your collection or regular use then the Woodwinked is the one to get. The point with the brown colored eye is that you can use different kinds of shades for different kinds of occasions easily, but with the Woodwinked eyeshadow, it can be used for any kinds of occasions as it looks perfect at day and at night.

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Of course, whether if you use it at night or day will requires different technique; you can blend the eyeshadow into the crease if you use it for some occasions happening at daytime and at nighttime occasion, this eyeshadow can be used to create something like a sultry smokey eye. Now, even if you matching eyeshadow with your eye color, it would be trouble if you do not matched the product with your skin tone as well. If you have a fair skin tone and cannot decide on your eyeshadow then we suggest you to take a look at the Cork eyeshadow.

Considered as one of the best MAC eyeshadows for fair skin, Cork has medium brown color that is heavily pigmented, it is used to hides your imperfection which is clearly visible on your pale skin tone. It is also heavily used to define the crease of the eye and it can also be used to define the outer v of your eye as well and if you are going for a warmer toned look, its heavily pigmented color is perfect for that.

If MAC has a product specifically made to help those with pale skin, they do have something for those with darker skin; in fact there are a lot. But if you just want to try for the best MAC eyeshadows for dark skin then we suggest you to take a try with the Expensive Pink eyeshadow. What expensive about this eyeshadow is the pink color, the coloration is not full plain pink color, but it has kind of gold coloring and coral as well, it is also gives you shimmery finish; albeit very minor but very visible.

It is very versatile as it can be used anytime and anywhere as well as for any occasions.

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MAC Eyeshadows: The best shades for blue eyes - The Fuss

There are also MAC eyeshadow products that can be situational to be used and this Kid eyeshadow is one of them. Fortunately, although it might seem situational, it is also a quality eyeshadow that you can wear casually every day, but what kind of situation that this eyeshadow can help you with?

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If you want to hide those dark circles or you got some harsh lines that needs to be blended in, this is the right eyeshadow to go. It has medium to light brown color which looks very natural; of course, it is more suitable for those with natural skin tone and very popular due to its heavy beige shade. This eyeshadow is the go-to eyeshadow for those who need something for crease and transition.

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Sometimes you do not need to wear something flashy and for those who need something that can be used freely and is able to give warmer tone to your eyes then the Samoa Silk is the way to go. The color of this eyeshadow is very light, perfect for those with neutral skin and those who want neutral colored eyeshadow, but it still managed to warm the tone after it is applied properly.

My TOP 10 MAC Neutral Eyeshadows

What makes the Samoa Silk eyeshadow great are its heavy pigmentation, the great texture and smoothness, not to mention that it is very easy to apply and also easily buildable. Looking for something shimmery that can gives your eyes the perfect glow? If you do, then this Nylon eyeshadow is the perfect product to look at. The Nylon eyeshadow is pale gold colored eyeshadow; some people consider the color to be silvery with very heavy pigmented color, once applied it will be able to gives you the glow that can make you eyes stand out more.

Due to its glow effect, it is best used only on special occasions and it lasts a very long time as well; approximately 3 to 4 hours.

The best eyeshadow colours for blue eyes

Other uses of the Nylon eyeshadow is to brow your highlights, it can also be ued to gives the same glow to your cheek. A very versatile eyeshadow, the Nylon can also be found easily and cost the same as the others. For those who are not a fan of MAC product but interested to try something from their eyeshadow lines or someone who is new to eyeshadow then we suggest you to take a look at the All That Glitter, arguably the best MAC eyeshadows to start with.