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If you have followed the instructions on Cheminformatics on a Mac you already have Xcode, Command Line tools and gfortran installed using Homebrew.

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Alternatively you can install GCC 6. Portland group also has a commercial fortran compiler as part of their offerings PGI. Details of compatibility with the latest versions of mac OSX are available here.

Installing a version that matches system compilers

PGI compilers deliver world-class multicore CPU performance and accelerator programming features that can dramatically increase the performance of applications on GPU accelerators. There is also a free version of the PGI compiler. Absoft's Pro Fortran tool suite automates building extremely fast parallel code on multi-core systems. Arguably the best fortran compiler for Intel macs are the Intel compilers ifort. They can build pretty much any fortran code including very old fortran as far back as fortran 66 and support the latest fortran standards. They also integrate directly into Xcode and tend to be the most up to date in terms of compatibility with the apple dev tools.

They are also link compatible with both gcc and clang. Computational Science Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for scientists using computers to solve scientific problems.

gfortran for Mac

It only takes a minute to sign up. A significant number of software packages in computational science are written in Fortran, and Fortran isn't going away. A Fortran compiler is also required to build other software packages one notable example being SciPy. How should I install a Fortran compiler on my machine? Pick your poison. I recommend using Homebrew.

I have tried all of these methods except for "Fink" and "Other Methods". Originally, I preferred MacPorts when I wrote this answer. In the two years since, Homebrew has grown a lot as a project and has proved more maintainable than MacPorts, which can require a lot of PATH hacking. The R developers and SciPy developers recommend this method. MacPorts has a number of versions of compilers available for use.

Homebrew can also be used to install a Fortran compiler. In theory, you can use Fink to install gfortran. I haven't used it, and I don't know anyone who has and was willing to say something positive. Other binaries and links are listed on the GFortran wiki.

Computation Tools: C/Fortran Compilers for Mac OS X

Some of the links are already listed above. The remaining installation methods may or may not conflict with those described above; use at your own risk. Basically, you give it a simple easyconfig. I'd say it's a bit like Homebrew, but it gives you more freedom. Also, EasyBuild supports lots of other scientific software packages that can be built and installed with a single command, so it's worthwhile to look into.

Compiling Fortran applications on a Mac

Disclaimer: I'm part of the EasyBuild team. We're working on it, do let us know if you run into trouble. It's good, up-to-date and works. One negative thing, it's not free. I think there is a 30 days free evaluation though. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Install ifort mac

How should I install a Fortran compiler on a Mac? I am not a computer scientist or Fortran guru and, as such, am unlikely to be able to help you with Fortran code, compilation or runtime problems. There are several options available for installing gfortran for Mac OS X, other than installing from source code. I currently choose to use the relevant gfortran installer.

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There are also various tar-files of gfortran distributions provided at the High Performance Computing web page. There are up-to-date distributions for some systems only Mac OS X I recommend not to choose a package containing a version that is not a stable version according to the main GCC web site. Furthermore, for simplicity, I would recommend only to install the relevant "gfortran only" distributions. The files are gzip'd tar-files which should be unpacked, for instance by using the Terminal application, as follows:.

Previously, I had preferred to use the gfortran packages distributed in association with the R Project. These can be found in the "Apple Xcode gcc add-ons" section of their Tools web page opens in new window or via the direct links below.

These gfortran packages and updates are specifically built to match Apple's own gcc builds. This does mean that the version is back at GCC 4.