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Another best to-do list application that made to our list is Toodledo. This application focuses heavily on task management and lets you organize your to-dos in the most simple and easiest way. Under each task, you can add multiple sub-tasks, notes, and priority level, along with other basic information.

In addition to the lists, Toodledo helps in managing tasks by creating an outline.

The Best To Do List Apps for Mac

All your tasks and subtasks displayed in the form of an outline consisting of further sections to assist you in keeping your focus on important things and give you an overall view of your tasks. One of them is the tracking of habits. Habits come with a calendar, so you can track your progress in days. Download: Android iOS Desktop.

This application is for the gamer inside each one of us. Habitica offers something completely different for the users. The application converts your daily to-dos into a role-playing game, at the end of which you can earn rewards exciting, no? This fun take on task management compels you to complete the tasks on time and motivates you to achieve more to level up your character.

You can create your personalized character, unlock rewards, buy armor, and at the same time, complete your to-dos. On the flip side, if you miss your deadlines or fail to tick tasks off, your health will deteriorate and your character will lose progress. Download: iOS Android Desktop. Generally, TickTick offers more or less the same kind of basic features other competitors in the market are coming up with.

The application supports multiple parameters like lists, tasks and subtasks, priority level, and tags. Coming with a neat interface, the platform makes management of tasks clutter-free and organized. Like all other tools, you can add tasks, subtasks, set deadlines and reminders, and share them with other people.

Recurring tasks can also be added and repetition can be set according to your requirements. The tool provides smart reminders for your tasks according to due dates and time information. If you have a bad habit of snoozing through your to-dos, you can also set annoying alerts to set multiple reminders with one task. TickTick also comes with multiple task sorting filters and tags to help you organize your tasks in a better way and make your priorities clear.

Furthermore, the Pomodoro timer allows you to stay focused during your work and achieve better results. Google Keep is primarily used for making quick lists which can be accessed from any device. The application is basically connected to Google Drive which makes syncing with multiple devices easy.

Can you sync tasks across platforms?

Download: Android iOS Web. Google Keep is free for all. However, you should check their webpage for updated information. Next up in this collection of best to-do list apps is Evernote. Evernote is a comprehensive online notepad tool which is further equipped with task management features, making organizing personal as well as professional tasks easy for the user. Apart from this, Evernote also enables users to save any webpage or online information that they like via web clipping tool which directly adds them to their Evernote account.

In addition, Evernote allows teams to collaborate on projects and manage meetings through shared workspaces and integrations with third-party applications like Slack. Download: iOS Android Windows. It is a powerful to-do list and task management application specifically designed for Mac computers and iOS mobile devices. A highly customizable tool with color-coded labels for all the tasks which make organizing clean and hassle-free.

For processing all the tasks in a proper workflow manner, OmniFocus provides customizable tags, which further makes tracking and monitoring of tasks efficient. This to-do list app is a perfect fit for individuals following the GTD approach as it comes with a dedicated toolset to help you get things done faster. Add actions, categorize them through tags, and then use perspectives to plan the next big thing in your schedule. Download: iOS Mac. Another application to make it to our roundup of best to-do list apps is Remember The Milk. One of the oldest to-do list applications out there, Remember The Milk is a fairly simple tool that lets the user add tasks, organize them according to priorities, and check off from the list once done.

The application makes tracking of due tasks easy through smart lists feature which highlights the most important tasks so that you never miss a deadline. The tool comes with a powerful task and subtasks functionality which breaks down your tasks to the most basic level, making them more manageable and easily trackable. You can also share your task lists with any of your friends or colleagues and assign them tasks to get things done faster. Built around task management features, this application lets you organize and execute all your to-dos in a simple, yet effective way.

With a new and updated version, Things has tried to infuse a whole new set of amendments into its design, features, and overall look. The easy drag and drop interface of the tool allows you to quickly rearrange your to-dos according to your priorities. Use headings functionality to create categories of your tasks and give more structure to what you need to do next.

Furthermore, add time-based reminders to your tasks through click, type, or speak function to never miss a critical deadline. Download: Mac iOS.

The Best To Do List Apps for Mac in Unbiased Reviews

A Google-backed task management application for your Android device which fully integrates with all Google applications, Google Tasks ranks 15 in our list of best to-do list apps. Google Tasks lets you add and manage tasks directly from your Gmail, without any need of opening a new window.

The tool takes a crisp take on traditional to-do list apps by providing a simple UI design which makes task management quick and easy. But, if creating and managing to-do lists on the go is your forte, look no further. Like many other to-do list apps, Google Tasks also comes with easy drag and drop functionality to help you prioritize your to-dos and make quick changes whenever required.

Designed for Mac, works everywhere

Download: Android iOS. With a huge array of options for managing tasks including time estimation and grouping, WeDo deserves an audition. Personalize and make lists fun through themes and emojis, and share them with friends or family. You are bound to stay on track with its efficient reminders and notifications system. There is a particularly interesting feature for students. Students can arrange to receive due dates and reminders for every assignment prebuilt by sending WeDo their syllabus.

If you are a Wunderlist user, listen up because WeDo has a special offer for you. Import your tasks from Wunderlist and switch, and you get 1 month of WeDo Pro free. Hop on to Key Features to get hands on more information. Eisenhower is one of a kind tool that helps you prioritize tasks through a matrix.

Much similar to the SWOT matrix , there are four quadrants of sheets. These comprise:.

Through such clear and smart categorization of tasks, one can rarely get off track. You can set multiple task statuses and even reposition the tasks. By setting task as Focus Mode, you can focus on one task for 30 minutes without interruptions.

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These are just some of the noteworthy features. See the Key Features and Pricing section to know why this is one of the best to-do list apps. Eisenhower helps you meet your goals through the following features:. Looking at the interface of Bear , one has to admit it is a beautifully designed tool. When you dig deeper, you realize that the pretty interface is just the tip of the iceberg. Bear encompasses a multitude of brilliant features especially for those who like to get things done in one go. With this app, you can write almost entire articles in notes with appropriate formatting and styling.

You even get to set word count! How cool is that? In the end, you have an option to convert the notes to Word or PDF. Can it get simpler and swifter than that? Plus, you get to personalize your app through different themes. With all these and more features, Bear is definitely worth a try.

But it looks like a winner! I use it to keep track of things I need to do during my day to day task and at university. I also use the sister app on my mac which syncs directly with the iOS app. Definitely recommend it! When outside of your home or office, check on your tasks and events on mobile, tablets, smart watches and even virtual assistants. Aimed at pushing your productivity to the max, all devices are in real-time sync so you can meet your goals.

Microsoft To-Do releases on Mac

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