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As you can see WnW is actually more pigmented with one swipe! Next is the second shade on the left. As you can see the WnW color has a slight redder undertone but they are pretty darn close! I also tried Urban Decay's Smog but they were even more different. The darkest brown in this palette is very pretty and pigmented. Moving over to the right side, I was pretty confident that MAC's Vex would be a perfect match since they are pretty much identical in the pan. My poor Vex is getting to the end of it's days! WnW left , Vex right. Although they look identical in the pan, the WnW shade is much more pigmented.

I love Vex on the lid, but it really didn't swatch well. I also wonder if I would have been able to get a better swatch if I wasn't working with an almost empty pan!

All the Best New Skin-Care Products Launching in July

The third shade on the left looked a lot like Sumptuous Olive by MAC but when I swatched them, they were very different. My closest match was Darkhorse by Urban Decay. Although they are not exact, when applied to the lid, I could not tell the difference! I dreamt of those beautiful MAC lipsticks and those highly pigmented Too Faced shadows but I only could afford poorly pigmented drugstore makeup.

It hasn't been that long since I was in High School - I'm not that old! Just for a while, apparently. I am not sure if it is that I am an adult now and I simply know better: I do my research before investing my money in something I'll regret buying later on. Or maybe it's just that drugstore makeup has evolved till what it is now. New brands were born and the drugstore makeup game in general has changed.

Or maybe is a combination of those two facts.


Anyway, I'm a fresh-college-graduated-young-lady who is seeking for a job in a country that has been severely hit by the current financial crisis situation and whose only earrings comes from YouTube. So I need to be smart when it comes to shopping. And yes, that means that I do not own a single MAC lipstick. So, yeah, this four introductory paragraphs were aimed just to justify myself spending hours and hours on the internet looking for good drugstore dupes of MAC lipsticks. NYX and E. Maybelline, Rimmel and Revlon have some dupes too, but they're a little bit pricier.

Therefore I decided to focus my research on Wet'n'Wild and Essence: I can get plenty of products from these brands on my local stores and their prices are amazingly inexpensive, which is always a plus! I need to stop rambling ASAP, so let's stop writing and let me introduce some dupes to y'all :. Ok, first things first. That lip liner is just one of the gorgeous things I've ever bought.

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Cordovan is also pretty close. Personally I think a mix of the two could create the perfect dupe, but would have to experiment further.

NEW WET N WILD PALETTES + DUPES - Swatches, Soft Glam Dupe, Prism Dupe, Natasha Denona Dupes!

I hope this was able to help some of you on your quest to find that perfect dupe! Taylor wears these fun pink and yellow rimless heart sunglasses in her You Need To Calm Down music video. Of course there is girl! But here are some popular mac shades and their dupes :. Log in Sign up.

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High vs. Low Beauty: MAC Eye Shadow Dupe Alert | Makeup Life and Love

MAC Eyeshadow Dupes. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Dupe List. Makeup Dupes: Lipstick. Hi guys! Are they good matches?

Wet n Wild Studio Icon Single Eyeshadow | Review.

Let me know. On the left side of lips: CoverGirl. Right side: MAC. I personally love the LimeCrime cosmetics. MAC makeup dupe makeup dupes dupes dupe beauty lipstick nude Mac. Get the same makeup look for less! Skunk Brush Hope you find this helpful!! Have you discovered any dupes? Do you have any questions for us?

MAC Lipstick Dupes! Makeup Dupes: Blushes. How do they compare? I hope you guys are having a great day! Because it's such a gorgeous color but being an abuse survivor I don't want to contribute to this abuse apologism it's also really expensive thank you! Ask racistbeautybloggers a question jeffree starr dupes down-with-cismas. Can you recommend a replacement for MAC's Heroine lipstick?