Can i use internet explorer 9 on a mac


  1. Download Internet Explorer 9 from Official Microsoft Download Center
  2. Microsoft's now discontinued browser for Mac
  3. How To Use Internet Explorer For Mac
  4. Internet Explorer version history

Download Internet Explorer 9 from Official Microsoft Download Center

It's also now possible to customize your privacy options to choose what kind of data you want to share with the sites you visit. However, it's the browser that offers some of the most interesting options.

It's possible to customize the language options to choose which versions to display for websites. In terms of extensions, Internet Explorer 9 is also catching up and now offers more additional plug-ins to customize your browser.

Microsoft's now discontinued browser for Mac

However, the new performance center for extensions offers a helpful option for reviewing resource consumption, so you can quickly identify extensions that are likely to slow down your browsing experience. There's no doubt that Microsoft has radically revised its copy for Internet Explorer 9, with new and welcome options on privacy, security and extensions. Crashes Guaranteed. IE9 has crashed consistantly on my Windows7 computer.

How To Use Internet Explorer For Mac

I don't dare download it to my older XP computer. I t is a shame that Microsoft has delivered this worthless browser on the unsuspecting public. Balmer, you should be embarrassed! The rest of you at Microsoft, surely you can do better! If I could uninstall this program and have my computer work properly, I would!

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IE9 is horrible. IE has become worse and worse with each release. The other day I got one from Dell.

Internet Explorer version history

IE tries to protect you from everything except what you need protection from. I can't wait to see how worthless IE10 is. Pros: About IE, nothing. Cons: Protection from malware and spyware More. It is "not responding" more than it responds. I can't believe Micresoft put this out there! I'm o ff to Chrome or Firefox or smoke signals.

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I can't even get the 32 bit one to open currently since the "fix" update Pros: absolutely nothing. It crashes way more than IE8. How about giving us a browser that works with Windows 7? Chrome here I come.

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So the solution is to fake your user agent. If you need real Windows to run some software, you can try:. Usually in that order, as installing a full copy of Windows to your drive just to run IE is a bit overkill. Image Credits: Shutterstock.

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