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  1. [Resolved]Can I Play Blu-ray Movie on MacBook Pro?
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The full featured Blu-ray menu will reduce certain misoperations. Insert the Blu-ray disc you want to play in the drive.

The software will automatically load and play the disc. Wait a second till the main menu pops out and you can make some adjustments there according to your own preferences.

Then you can directly press "Play Movie" and "Return" key to enjoy some Blu-ray time. The first and best Blu-ray media player for Mac.

[Resolved]Can I Play Blu-ray Movie on MacBook Pro?

Macgo EULA. The Mac Blu-ray player offers a ton of playback control, including a virtual remote that appears when you load the disc. The app also offers support for multiple languages, and tons of options for video playback. Deinterlacing, scaling, post-processing and other tools make it easy to dial in the perfect video output. You can even create video playlists from various files. Leawo Blu-ray Player is a solid standalone app.

Can I Put a Blu-Ray in My MacBook Pro? |

Share the post, and then it will ask you which of the four apps you want. After the post has been up for a full 24 hours, a license code and download link will be sent to your email address. It just takes a few more steps than on a Windows machine, which depends on your hardware. Today, I would like to introduce a new way to play your Blu-ray on Macbook.

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It is such a reliable software which can port DTS5. After confirming your hardware matches the requirements above, simple install Macbook Blu-ray Player and insert your disc in the drive, and this program will play automatically.