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Double click button really isn't a bonus, the bonus is that it doesn't really get in the way, but it's there if you get lazy lol.

Customers who bought this item also bought

It's got enough distance to make it difficult to hit on accident as well. LED's are definitely a plus at this price as well. One of the few cheap mice I could find that allowed you keep 1 color fading instead of cycling through. The light blue Call it Panther blue is a nice addition. Usually most have just a dark blue, this has both. The braided cable.. Oh the braided cable. I've always had a love hate relationship with these because my cat has always loved them.

Nice touch at this price. All around, awesome mouse. If you need something that tracks well but doesn't feel like a sturdy tank, this is a good option. Absolutely fantastic! This thing is perfect for me.

Zelotes DPI 7 Button Multi Color Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse – Novero Gaming Store

Weight feels decent, but not a whole lot more "weighty" than a regular mouse. The dpi options are very numerous and all quite useful! The aesthetics are nice enough that you recognize it as a gaming mouse and the led lighting is actually very pleasing! You can match the mouse's LED to just about any color scheme if any you might be following with your Gaming PC or you can just let the rainbow of colors cycle though while you play. There are no macro buttons but everything functions just fine.

Zelotes t80 big mac драйвера

The cord and the mouse wheel are very nice feeling and sturdy! One person found this helpful. Overall I am pleased with the mouse. It does take a little getting used to i'm coming from a Logitech G5 to do this one. It took about a week and a half for me to get a good grasp of the mouse.

The ergonomics is "okay". I preferred my g5 to this in regards to ergonomics. The preciseness of the mouse is definitely better than my g5.

Zelotes 5500 DPI 7 Button Multi Color Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse

The light is a nice feature. However, the light sometimes stays on even after you shut down the computer. Not sure why it doesn't shut down with the computer. The light also blinks various colors which is fine when the colors are switching. However, if I want it to be just one color, it still blinks the color over and over again. Would be better if it kept the solid color without blinking. Overall for the price I think I got a good deal from this mouse. Go to Amazon. Not to stiff but not too loose.

Cons: -Weird ergonomics It's ergonomics are amazing and the "double left click" button is actually super nice because it helps prevent finger fatigue at work when doing stuff where you have to double click a lot. The size is about the same, it fits well in my hand, the left and right click make a nice sound and it's clear when they click, the middle wheel is silent, and the mouse is very light.

Sensitivity is great and the levels adjust with one click up or down which also changes the mouse light color. The light color, pulsing, etc. Very good mouse for the price January 9, For the price, this mouse is very nice. The design has great ergonomics which makes the mouse feel very comfortable in the palm.

All of the buttons on the mouse have a nice tactile response and the scroll wheel works like a charm. Overall, the mouse was easy to set up using the software program provided by the disk included. That said, you are able to easily control the functionality and LEDs of the mouse to suit your own style and desires perfectly. Compared to the other offerings on Amazon, this mouse delivers all the functionality I needed, at the best price. Let me start by saying that I am not a gamer.

I edit and produce videos, so I need a good and accurate mouse. Something that allows me to customize buttons and cover smaller distance on the screen when fine tuning certain things. And the T7 delivered! The mouse comes in an unbranded box. Decent weight and feels very good and sturdy in the hand. When it comes to the looks, this mouse wins again! From the illuminated logo to the rest of corners, the mouse looks great! It has 7 customizable buttons: Left and right click. Wheel click, two middle buttons, and two side buttons.

The included manual lists the website where you can go to download the drivers for the T7, which is how you can unlock its potential by customizing everything from the buttons to the colors My wife has been using one for a year now so i know it will last for awhile as we are hard on mice in general The software that comes with it is very functional and easy to figure out, the light modes are cool dig the 'breathing' mode , and I love the feature that the colour can change when you switch the DPI. Also, the edges are blunted off so they're not sharp or stabby. As I'm not actually using this for hard-core gaming, I can't really comment on that side of it, to be honest.

Purchased as a gift. It covers the whole desk which is great for any gamer. January 3, High quality, very comfortable, no mouse track issue, great value for your money! Increased my kill count August 21, Great Mosuepad for the price, large and affordable. Still trying to find a way to clean it since my hands get super sweaty while playing games.

Bought this for around 15, and im super satisfied. Got this to work on my arm aiming in FPS games, and its working out well, though im still way too comfortable in a smaller surface area. Better bang for your buck. Comfortable, spacious and affordable September 24, This professional gaming pad is very comfortable in my hands and allows for plenty of space to move my mouse, especially a wireless one. Also, what makes this gaming pad very interesting too, is its price point. The only recommendation I'd give to you is, to ensure that your table is at least 45 inches in length.

I would also recommend putting this on a surface that is cleaned before applying it so it could have a stronger grip. HAVIT does not fail to impress me with December 5, I bought an old desktop for school. I know I made the right decision with this little one. Signal has been consistent and reliable. It was easy to install and the size is just right see attached pictures.

Zelotes T-80 $10 budget Gaming mouse review with game play performance test

Just place the mini CD right at the centre of your disc reader unit, or download the driver the software that allows you to install this adapter and set it up from the manufacturer's website. It is a breeze from there. Based on its quality, installation process and requirements and its price point, I am giving it a 5-star review. Worked perfectly fine, impressive packaging, easy to install but the information booklet can be better.

Still it's easy to manage. Realtek program installed is simple, connect to your network through it and that's it. Reception is great for an appartement, no problems so far. January 20, Was skeptical on whether this would be worth it or to just spend a few more bucks on premium ones, but so far after around 3 or more weeks of usage it's been working really well.

I use it for my desktop, mostly for gaming mainly league of legends and I haven't noticed any stuttering during performance. I still maintain full bar connection despite being 1 floor above my modem approx. It was also easy to install, it came with a CD; however I don't have an optical drive installed in my pc but the site offered to download the drivers there, which also didn't take long to download.

For me I'd say it was worth the buy, and if anyone was looking for one that's inexpensive and gets the job done I'd probably recommend this. So tiny yet so powerful November 14, The packaging for this little guy was impressive. I've ordered 4k monitors that were less secure then this thing. From the box to the back of my PC and on my wireless network was a total of maybe 4 minutes.

This thing is shockingly plug and play. The signal I was getting with it was very good. I have an older house that I've found eats WiFi signal or something magical like that. My galaxy S7 was getting 2 bars in the same room this thing was getting 4. I know I'm comparing it to a cell phone but I still found it impressive. Fixed years of frustration November 7, Our Acer laptop has had issues for years on dropping our home WiFi signal. Spent hours and hours on forums and support lines but still failed to resolve the issue, was ready to trash the computer.

Installed this adapter, turned off power to internal adapter, have not had one issue since Bonus is that signal has been upgraded from 2. Have not had my WiFi signal dropped once since we started to use this. Have had no issues There is no disconnection and it receives the signal very well.

Now my children can have wifi in their room and play games on the internet without interruption. The router is in my basement and the adapter is on the 2nd floor room and it works very well. I have been more then satisfied with this product and hope others in search of a WiFi adapter come across it. The set up take a little under 3 minutes and accomplishes everything that is promised. Not only can i get WiFi but it can find other routers in my neighborhood that most WiFi adapters cannot do.

If you're someone like me who doesnt have CD tray, they have all their set up files on their website! Sweet service. It can handle downloads but the multi-tasking it begins to get slow, just be mindful of that. April 19, So I bought myself one of these for my birthday, and I feel it fits my hand better and is smoother than my old gaming mouse that cost 60 bucks! The buttons are kinda silly. The extra one by the left click is a double left click that can't be remapped.

Il l'a depuis un bon moment. Un peu grosse mais parfaite pour ce dont elle sert. December 30, For the price this is a great keyboard. It seems well built and has some great functions on it. I bought it but ended up returning it so only used it for a short time. My main problem with this keyboard is although around the keys are backlit, the actual symbols are not which makes it very difficult to see the keyboard especially in the dark.

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Other than that it seems to be a very decent keyboard for gaming and everyday use. Like the feel of it, but ended up going with a metal mechanical keyboard that was 3 times the price but am happy I did. I purchased mostly to play games like League, Overwatch, and Fortnite. My issues with this keyboard, hence the 4 star rating, is the space bar has a slightly different feel compared to all the other keys and some the keys protrude further out than the others. I believe this is due to variations in the plastic molds of the plungers.

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  • The space bar's comfortability will come with time, and the keys can be pressed further down to make a 'flush' appearance and extra muscle has to be used to remove them. All in all a very good mechanical keyboard, that I would recommend my peers purchase. January 17, Great looking keyboard with mechanical feeling keys and somewhat rgb light. Like the individual keys aren't backlit just the trim around them so you can't see the keys in the dark unless monitor or trim light is bright enough to shine some light of the letters.

    The colors on the keyboard also stay the same, there is a fading or flash affect but the colors stay the same in the same position. I had a roccat before, and though i really loved how smooth and small the roccat is, this mouse is pretty decent for the price. I love that i can customize the colours based on the dpi, I can switch to normal web surfing speed on blue, or gaming DPI in red. Dont have to keep clicking or remember how many clicks to get back to your DPI you want.

    I like it has the breath effect as well, which you can turn off, or set a timer for even if you want. You can straight up set up the mouse so the light turn off at.. Quality was, it's decently made. Sturdy, not cheap, nice easy clicks. A little on the heavy side, and a little on the large side All in all for the price I'm relatively impressed, I was expecting cheap garbage but it's so far so good!

    Good value - Accurate mouse with a few software glitches May 17, Update: July I have updated my review to 4 stars for a couple reasons. First, customer service. Upon learning I was unsatisfied with the product, seller contacted me to help explain the product. Join Free. Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on DHgate. We've selected the bestselling items in this category just for you!

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