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I need this to work as soon as possible.

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Many thanks in advance. Charlie P. My machine stopped seeing the bootcamp partition in the system preferences under OS X.

I can no longer tell the machine to boot into Windows 7 from OS X. Only option to get to Windows 7 is to go via hitting the option key during bootup. Is this a known issue?


NTFS for Mac & ExtFS for Mac

Is there something I can look for to repair this? Love the software, but this makes things a little difficult.

How to Install Mountain Lion on an Unsupported Mac

Hi, I was wondering if someone could explain what exactly the "Access Permissions" checkbox does? There doesn't seem to be much in the way of information in the manual or the built-in help. I have OSX Where would I look to see that it is indeed installed?

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However, when ExtFS is installed, it doesn't show in the Finder. This is happening without any NTFS drives connected. NTFS11 Crashing in Since July, I've been running it with developer previews of Mavericks without incident and with excellent performance.

Doing it on the line

Last week, I purchased a used 2. I soon noticed a "notificator" process in Activity Monitor that on idle Dear Sirs I got a problem while try to create dmg image from a usb flash disk, which is a linux ext3 partition. The dmg can be created, but got "no file system" while mount it. Any ideas? I not sure is ExtFS support this feature?

Spotlight searches and possibly When I try to copy files from Mac OSX Mavericks to a usb mounted Linux disk my system after a while crashes and the Linux disk is corruptet and not showing anymore.

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It is possible to repair the disk with Mac Disk Tools. I am running version 9. ANy suggestions? This has occurred on a number of hard drives.

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You go to print, and all the sudden you get a warning saying your printer drivers are not up-to-date or are not installed correctly. In my case, I tried printing to my trusty and reliable Brother HL laser printer , and I got a warning that Apple needed to update its drivers via Software Update. I let it try, but that failed. Any time I sent a new print job, the printer dialog simply told me there was an error, and the drivers were out of date.

Stable Releases

My printer is listed as being compatible with OS X But, as is the case almost always, giving things a big konk in the head works. Case design has its flaws, but it works pretty well.

Mounting an ext2/ext3/ext4 partition on Mac OS

Follow these steps once the VM is booted, to mount the flash drive:. Flash Drive to the Rescue! I was trying to plug it into my weak Belkin USB hub, and that wasn't working.