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You seem to do this with most anything I post here, Steve. There are plenty of people in other forums that can and do want my help. Which was completely unqualified, and of course isn't true - because they will show in Media Player. Try writing more accurately. The OP didn't specify what he was trying to display the file names in either, so you can make no assumptions about that. Neither have I. It is also quite possible that the OP hasn't figured out exactly how to enter the metadata - it isn't absolutely straightforward, because it goes in two places.

So the correct answer would be to ask the OP for more info about exactly what he's tried entering so far. There's also a rumour that it's possible to make 3D flip display.

I don't care if the originial track name is displayed or if a new track name is displayed, I find it terrible that the only display I can get Audition to burn is the words Tracl 02 track 03 Track 04 etc I don't care if I must enter the information manually for every track, or if it's the copyrighted name from the artist carried over automatically, I need to identify the tracks with a text description that will appear on the display of the automobile CD players.

I'm not referring to the meta data used between apps, but the text that appears on the display when a track is being played. Please help as this doesnt seem right there must be a process to do it! Below is a screenshot of a CD Layout.

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Right-click in the empty area of the header bar to select additional fields to display and edit. If the drutil command properly displays the expected text, there's not more that Audition can do. It's writing the text to the CD. At that point, it's entirely up to any other application or device whether they want to display that data or not. Beyond that, I'm not sure what else to tell you.

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Either the CD-Text is present on the disc or it is not. If you have a CD Layout similar to the screenshot I shared, but it does not display when you run drutil , let's figure out why it's not being written to the disc. However, if the data is there, then short of writing our own media player application, whether that data is displayed is entirely out of Adobe's hands. By default it shows the CD title, but if you hit the Display button, it shows you the track names instead.

Reading CD-TEXT - why so hard?

My Pioneer CD player displays both the Album title and the track title of the track that is currently playing. It does this with every CD I have ever played, I don't care about the metadata that displays on a computer screen between applications, I only care about the displays of CD players that do display this information. Where as you say is this information entered or edited?

Your answer is exactly what I want to hear, but it's lacking the details of how it's done. I need to know how it's done so I can do it!

how do we enter text to the track name so it ap | Adobe Community

With individual files with appropriate file names, just right-click on the file in the Files panel and select 'Insert into CD layout'. In the CD Editor, not all the editable fields are shown by default, but if you right-click on the lighter grey track bar at the top, you get access to the lot - you can select what you want. Whatever shows in the File name box on the left is what will be displayed as a track name.

The important thing here is that you can edit this directly if you want by clicking on the name twice. Not all paramaters are editable directly there, but the ones you'd want to change at this point are. The CD title information, though, isn't entered in the metadata section at all. What you should see next to the Markers box which we'll return to is a Properties section, with a twirl-down for CD-Text. This is where the rest of the information goes.

Okay, back to Markers. If you have a single track with markers that you want to divide into CD tracks, then make sure that there's a marker at the start and the end of the file as well, and go to the Markers box. Convert them all to ranges highlight the lot and right-click for the option. Now convert the cue types for each one to CD track.

Once again, highlight the lot, right-click and select 'Insert into CD Layout'. An over looked aspect of OSX, and a feature only available on MAC, sorry PC users , is the terminal window, coupled with the powerful tools it affords.

There are various commands that can be run through the terminal window, and below we are going to look at two of these that pertain to a master audio CD disc. This will open a small window with a prompt to enter text. We will be using something called Drive Utilities which offers very powerful analysis text commands to check a variety of information.

When checking audio masters for meta-data the two most useful commands are CDText and subchannel. We can produce CD with such feature if the original disc "does" have it. We can verify if your cd do have this feature and if not we can create a master disc including it free of charge for you. In order for your computer to show the titles of the songs, the music has to be registered into Gracenote CD DataBase so when you insert an AudioCd into your disc reader, your computer connects to gracenote.

Toggle navigation. If you do not have them and you plan to publish your music on digital services like iTunes, Amazon Music, etc we can provide you with the ISRC if we publish the music oh your behalf: If you pay for the ISRC, then all royalties collected are paid back to you.

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