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You may be downloading files, or you may have an app recording something; in either case, your Mac won't stop these actions. If you put it to sleep, however, everything stops. There are other ways you can protect your Mac from prying eyes, too.

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One of the safest is to use a screen saver. It's a good idea to use a screen saver, since it will automatically activate after a few minutes, protecting your Mac if you've forgotten to lock it.

I use the Message screen saver, which displays an Apple logo and a message on a black background. If you click Screen Saver Options, you can set the message; I just typed a blank space there, so I see nothing other than the Apple logo, but you can add any message you want.

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I've set mine to start after 10 minutes, because I'm often working on something in front of my computer without necessarily typing or moving the cursor, and I've found that sometimes the screen saver would trigger when I don't want it to if it's set to just 5 minutes. Try with different times to see what works without being annoying. Hot corners trigger actions when you move your cursor to one of the four corners of the display. As you can see above, the Hot Corners button is at the bottom right of the preference pane. Click that to see hot corner options. I've set the top left corner of my screen to Put Display to Sleep.

This means that when I move my cursor to that corner, the display goes dark. So I can lock the screen with a quick swipe, and don't even need to use the keyboard. No matter which method you choose, it's a good idea to think of locking your screen when you're away from your Mac. Even if you're alone, you should get into the habit of doing this so it becomes a reflex.

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This opens the Caches folder. You will already have a file with the above name that OS X uses for your lock-screen wallpaper. Drag your image into the Caches folder and click Replace. Now, the next time you log out, you will see your custom wallpaper. If you change your desktop wallpaper, however, OS X will replace your custom image with the standard, blurred version of whatever you chose for your new desktop wallpaper.

Although you will erase your sweet custom lock-screen wallpaper when you choose a new desktop wallpaper, it does mean that you don't need to bother with backing up the default file in the Cache folder when you replace it with your own image because OS X adds a new file to the Cache folder each time you choose a new desktop wallpaper. Your message will appear toward the bottom of the lock screen, just above the Sleep, Restart and Shut Down buttons. To change the icon of any of the other user accounts you have set up, you need to click the lock and enter your password before following the same procedure.

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Near Lock - Lock and unlock your Mac with your iPhone

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