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  1. Installing Bridge Baron on your Windows Computer
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Installing Bridge Baron on your Windows Computer

Please be sure to sign up! E-Book section available now! Bridge Baron for Mobile! Select your store below. Amazon App Kindle Fire. Android App Google Play. Apple iOS App.

Vince Oddy's Bridge Books, Games & Supplies - Bridge Baron Bridge Software

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Our Archive. Download Windows demo. Download MAC demo. We have added 24 new challenging problem deals for a total of Challenges. Kit Woolsey, multiple world champion and author of several bridge books, designed the new deals. Totally Bridge for iPad and iPhone available now! Intro to Bridge Lessons Tournament CD How to reach us help greatgameproducts.

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Bridge Baron's the only Classic app I use regularly, so the resource cost of playing is enormous. Worth it, though. It also has an improved AI and a host of other improvements. For the pro player, Ellyn is perfectly correct, you can't beat Bridge Baron. But for intermediate players, our new version should be perfect. Plus, we've got great online play, and nothing beats playing with real folks. Colin Lynch Smith Freeverse.

However, I was immediately put off by the new card faces. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I was very happy with the old ones - they looked 'real' - and these new ones look like a Sinclair Spectrum game.

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There is a choice, but the old face isn't there. And I don't really fancy the old French versions.

I wish I didn't find this so off-puting, as I'd have liked to see how the 'engine' has improved. I'd wager, however, that Bridge Baron 12 works just fine under Classic emulation mode. I was excited with that reply until I saw that they were promising an OS X version two months away back in May of It runs fine under Classic mode and Freeverse is an OK alternative as well. BB 16 has a huge increase in information in its Help menu, but it read-only in a poor font and cannot be printed.

BB Help could be the basis. Surely Great Game Products could invest in its own teaching systems. This is the second version we've had, an earlier version was from the dark ages. The primary user in this case enjoys the game immensely, but with less than perfect sight, she would offer a few suggestions: Make the arrow in the centre of the "table" indicating who is playing the next card much bigger and thereby easier to see.

Increase the font size of text and increase the width of the edge below the "south" indicator. The software is installed on a 12" laptop ibook Mac and in order to make the cards readable I hve reduced the display dimensions. When this is done, the "South" text and bottom of the cards disappears.

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This works, but it cannot be done until after the first bid. Can the window be made so it can be scaled stretched in and out? There seems to be a limit currently. We cannot access the preferences. Is that intentional, or is there a secret to it? The opening page is colourful, but the text font is very hard to read. A cleaner, less stylistic font would work better, particularly for seniors.

I install Black and White and go to play it but it says that it cannot find the cd.

Great Game Products

You can contact the develop using the link at the beginning of the review. Ellyn Jeremy C. I had bought the Black and White Platinum Pack, and for one it never came with a manual and was bought brand new. When I try to install it on my new Mac, it keeps asking to the data CD which doe snot exist, and never did.

I did contact Feral support via e-mail, and they told me that he should of come with a data disc and that if it did not return it with proof of purchase to get it. Seriously are you kidding me. Who keeps a receipt for that many years?