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In Firefox it's under the Tools menu. If you found the downloads in your browser, you can right-click the individual downloads and choose 'Open Containing Folder' to see the folder where the download files are at. This may work slightly differently in Chrome or other browsers. If you still can't find them, maybe ask a friend or family member to help you?

That will open up the Application Data folder. The Application Data folder has the. There are videos on YouTube which can help with this. Once you've found it, you might want to create a shortcut to this folder and place the shortcut on your desktop for next time.

This should open up the minecraft folder in Finder immediately. Congratulations, if you're using Terminal to do stuff you are a Mac power user! A problem you will likely encounter if you do not use Terminal and instead just try searching for the minecraft folder in Finder, is that on most Macs the Library folder is a hidden folder by default. That makes it difficult to find the minecraft folder using Finder, but you can still get to the minecraft folder very easily using Terminal as explained above. If you want to use Finder to find it, you may first need to set your Mac to show hidden files and folders in Finder, which is quite complicated!

You need to figure out whether Minecraft is starting to launch shows the white Mojang loading screen and crashing - see next step - or whether it is not even getting that far. If it's not even getting that far:. This is a common Minecraft setup problem. LWJGL is a standard 'library' which manages that talking. If it pops up this error when you start the game, it's because it wasn't able to make an OpenGL connection with your video card.

There's a lot of stuff written on internet forums about this, most of it not very helpful. Another possible cause is that another program on your PC took the OpenGL connection, which stops Minecraft from using it.

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Skype has been seen to do this, in updates. Yes really, Skype! Even though Microsoft owns both products. So if you think your video card supports OpenGL and its drivers are up-to-date, just try quitting Skype and other programs you have open, and try again. It's a confusing one, because sometimes you see this when there is some other startup problem scroll up higher in the console or error log to see if there was something else and sometimes the audio system is the real problem.

Advanced users who are having to start Minecraft over and over due to setup problems are the most likely to see this The cause of the audio system problem is like this. When the Minecraft game ends normally, for example using the Quit button in the main game screen, then you can notice it always finishes its console logging with the rather important message: "SoundSystem shutting down Even when the Minecraft game crashes, it normally shuts down its sound system properly before it exits to desktop it's good that way!

But if you force-closed the Minecraft game, last time you played, then it misses that all-important step. By "force-close" we mean on Windows, right-click on the Minecraft tab in the Windows taskbar and select Close or even worse, use the Task Manager to force the application to close. Force-closing Minecraft is bad, don't do it!

The good news is that usually this problem fixes itself if you just start Minecraft again after seeing the error.

Delete QTCoffee 1.2.5 Library Files, Caches & Preferences

If it recurs, check again that there isn't some other cause - look for error messages earlier in the console or log. Then start Minecraft again! If you are having this specific crash these are the first four lines of your crash report :. This can happen - for example - if you play later Minecraft versions like 1.

The later Minecraft versions are OK with the longer view distances, but the earlier Minecraft versions can't always handle them. If you got as far as the Minecraft main menu, you can change your Options there. If not, you can fix it by quitting the game and editing the options. Look for a line like this: renderDistance it could be another number, anything over 16 is potentially a problem.

Change the number there to something like 12 or less, that's a render distance of 12 chunks blocks which should be enough for most people. If 12 doesn't work, try something even smaller like 6, 7, or 8. That's out of our hands, if you want it then go bug Mojang or Microsoft to make mods available in the console versions You will need Java of course. You probably have some Java version already if you're playing Minecraft. But to run mods you need, specifically, Java 7 or Java 8. Out of these, we recommend Java 8 - that's jre8.

It has some improvements over Java 7. In future Galacticraft 4 and other future mods will require Java 8. Actually, it's better to think about this as matching the version of the Minecraft to the mod you want to play. So if you want to play Galacticraft 4 then you are best picking either Minecraft 1. Download the Minecraft version you want from an official source if you don't have it already.

The Minecraft launcher, under Edit Profile, Use Version, should have a list of all the Minecraft versions available on your installation. If you don't have it, recently Mojang's main Minecraft download page is only linking to the latest Minecraft versions, but Mojang also makes all the older Minecraft versions available on its official Amazon-backed download server. Check every download link carefully: as long as it's coming from amazonaws. Now install Forge. If you are already playing modded Minecraft, most likely you already did that, so why are you reading this?

It's pretty easy because Forge has an installer you can download - Forge Download page for 1. Forge has many versions, even after you chose the Minecraft version. Usually there are only very small differences between different Forge versions. Brady Alexander Crabb Dec 01, Doc J May 29, Note: apart from the mods folder there is also a coremods folder for specific core mods, and a ressourcepacks. JR May 29, MaddogTheRobot May 31, Ann Gwinnup Jun 01, I am having a problem in step 4 — after I double click on the forge 1.

Check the Console for possible error messages. JR Jun 01, I would need to see the error message to help diagnose Ann. But here is something to look for. You see the name of the file you typed above? There is a space after the numbers Not sure if you accidentally added a space to the file name, or just typed it that way when you left the message. But the jar file should have no spaces. There may have been something that got messed up as you were doing it. Angela Mar 24, This happened to us, but after updating Java on our Mac — it opened nicely.

However, now that we have forge installed, it is not opening my mods. Dan Jun 08, Thanks for helping. On my Mac running Hey Dan. See if you can find an error message, or log file or something that would give you a clue as to what went wrong. Then tell me. Aaron Jeng Jun 10, Monica Jun 11, So appreciate you sharing. We followed the directions to get forge, downloaded the mods to the library, and I see them there.

Do you have any suggestions? My 10 year old son greatly appreciates!! JR Jun 11, See step 6 above. Installing mods. Monica Jul 01, Thank you for your reply…. Could that have something to do with it?

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JR Jul 02, Hmm not sure. My suggestion would be to start from scratch and do it over again. I am a computer programmer and sometimes this is the easiest thing to do. Just start again, eventually it will become second nature, and you will probably get by whatever problems are stopping you now. Tayloranya Jun 18, Hi, This tutorial is very helpful, infact the most helpful so far for me. Any reason why this is happening…?

JR Jun 18, JR Jun 19, The jar file was created using a later version of Java than you have on your system. OK — this could be for a number of reasons. If it does work, please leave a comment here as others seem to be struggling with this too. Eli Jul 05, On Mac OS Still getting a message similar to others here, even after a reboot and after trying to open it using the contextual menu. Crissy Jun 20, BuioUmbra Jun 25, JR Jun 25, Probably means you need to run the MineCraft 1.

Try that and let me know if that works. Thanks that seems to of worked, though when I run it I get no updates and nothing new appears in the minecraft folder. Is this normal for 1. I believe so. Basically we are copying the configuration files for minecraft in the beginning, and then bringing them back in the end.

I am struggling with this as well. I updated to the latest java per your link thanks for that. Not sure where to go next. JR Jul 19, OK — this is really beginning to bug me. Too many people are struggling with this. What we need to do, is see what that java console is saying. There is some error message, that is we can just see it, we can figure this out. Fill in the above with the name of the jar file we are trying to execute. And tell me what error message you see.

Then we can try to solve this once and for all. I believe this is what you requested. Bah this frustrating. I just tried this and I see the error now that everyone is getting.

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The console output I get is:. ClassNotFoundException: forge I am sorry. I tried upgrading my version of java to 1. I am in the middle of a move right now boxes everywhere. I will try again in a few weeks once I get setup. But if anyone wants to try something, see if its the java version.

Too Many Items - Modgician

Try installing java 7 or java 8 and then run the jar and see if it fails. I started from scratch. JR Jul 22, But thats computers and software. When in doubt, get out of the car, walk around, get back in, and restart the engine. Good work and good luck! I am back again. I was able to install Forge and it seems to run. I put the mod into the mods folder, and i get the following error:. Or, if I try other mods vanishing block or trick block the game loads, but the mods are not in the Mod folder inside the game. JR Jul 27, Then check the website where you downloaded the mod and see if there is a forge version requirement.

You may need to installer another version of forge. Kevin Roa Jul 22, I have no clue what to do. I figured it out. Thanks for putting up this web site. I now have Mo Creatures working. The things a father does for his daughter. I think I hate Minecraft now. Thanks again. You are very welcome. Happy forging.

FHOC: How to Install Too Many Items for Minecraft 1.2.5 (Mac) (Voice Tutorial)

Zoe Jul 24, JR Jul 25, Meera Thilagaratnam Jul 26, JR Jul 26, Thank you! Everything else was so confusing, but this was so clear! JR Aug 21, Only way to find out would be to try. Let us know if successful. Chris Aug 22, What application do you use? Kaitlin Aug 23, Hi I loved your tutorial! It really helped me but I have one problem near the end, theres no mods folder for me?? BigDaddyHotGue Sep 01, Well deserved accolades from everyone else here… Just installed forge and trying the Lucky Block mod now. Thanks heaps! JR Sep 01, PDD Sep 29, Iain Jamieson Oct 04, Guys I need help I am trying to install Forge, but am getting the same message as some other people have before — You need to run the version 1.

I go to Minecraft selection the client profile 1. Any ideas anyone for a technophobe like me whose children are driving him nuts as he cant get MODS for them!!!! Thanks Iain. AR Nov 30, I did this with 1. Last edited: Mar 13, I love it just like the gameiki mod! Great job.

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TheUnknown , Mar 13, MeMan65 , goldenapple and Ashen75 like this. Jofairden , Mar 13, Idea: Prefixes in the Item browser. Question, does it have 1. Jirachi , Mar 14, Is it okay if a make a review on this mod? If so, I'll credit you in the description of the video. Bemm , Mar 14, Wicked awesome mod! Loving these tools, Jopo!

Possible problems when you uninstall Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac 1.2.5

What mod had the "Did you hear something A Volcano! Find cover! DontEatSocks , Mar 14, Holy mother of god! Awesome mod!