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I am quite happy with Garmin but I wouldn't want to splash out only to find out one day that I needed to buy another computer to update the maps as my old white iMac cannot run Mountain Lion or Mavericks. I am wondering if TomTom would be a better bet? Does anyone know if TomTom requires the later OS's? Posted: Fri Mar 27, pm.

I'm running Snow Leopard on a MacBook, when I plugged the sat nav into the USB port it was recognised straight away the Binatone wasn't the whole set up and registration process ran smoothly and the updates where completed in no time. Its been plugged in a couple of times since for updates for speed cameras without any problem at all. Nikon D on Flickr.

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Garmin has several ways of updating the maps on its GPS devices. It might be that one way requires a later version of the OS, but not all. Something to check out. The software that TomTom produces to administer its navigation devices is called Home. You can go to their website and probably check out what OS is needed for it to run.

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I have an older model TomTom — T — that you could have quite cheaply. It is, however, a 4-inch model.

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Heather Farms Studio H. Installing a Garmin map with a Mac. Installing Legacy Skitch 1. My older Nuvis do not have enough storage space for the maps, so I had to install part of the maps to the Nuvis' internal memories and part to cards. The good news is that some aspects of the process are less painful than in the past. At least the download didn't stall and the Mac-specific directions on the Garmin website, while still scattered all around and not always complete, were at least mostly correct. You can use MapInstall to install extra maps whose versions are not already on your device if you have the room or to install maps to an SD card.


Garmin does not make it that clear that you're supposed to use LMU, not MapInstall, to overwrite prior map versions on your device. In MapInstall, select the map segments that you want installed to your card or device. In this case, I want to install the entire North America map, which is actually smaller maps. I clicked and dragged to select the entire map. Click "Send Maps" to install the map segments you chose.

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Installation of the whole North America map should take over an hour. If you zoom way out and navigate to an area not covered by the map in ROM, the Nuvi should switch to to the map on the card. MapInstall is not designed to overwrite prior large map installations that fill most of your device's ROM.

Garmin Lifetime Updater

The bar at the bottom showing free space will be full and red and you will be told there's not enough room for your new major update. Installing a major update to a second device with LMU. Garmin's LMU directions for its first use are fair at best, but they do a horrible job explaining second use e. Particularly confusing: if you downloaded recent maps, LMU will tell you your maps are up to date even if you haven't actually updated your device.

Support: Troubleshooting Failed Map Updates (Mac)

In my case, I had successfully used LMU to download the major update to my computer and my Nuvi , but LMU tried to tell me that my was up to date and no more updates were available. Pick "Reinstall Maps" to start installation on the second device. Since I was updating only my second Nuvi, I changed the preferences to install on "device only".

A message indicating that "new maps are ready" quickly appeared. Very quickly I found out that the map exceeds the physical capacity of the Nuvi 's hard drive and was prompted to install a subregion of the map.