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If it cannot be done, make a backup of your data and then reformat the disk, and reinstall macOS.

Or if the errors cannot be repaired because of physical damage, you will need to replace the old damaged disk. Note: Besides disk repair, you could also use Disk Utility in OS X recovery mode to wipe, or restore or partition disk. Besides Disk Utility in Mac recovery boot, there is also a built-in disk diagnostic and repair program called fsck or file system consistency check, which could verify the current startup disk and repair it.

Disk First Aid - Wikipedia

But in order to make full use of it via command line, you should enter Mac single user mode. Turn on your Mac computer.

1. Disk Utility

Until you see a text-code black screen, release the keys. Now you have successfully access Mac in single user mode and just wait for it starting fully about few seconds. Generally, the last line should end in root if Mac has booted successfully in single user mode. Now right after the root prompt, enter the following command and press Return key.

Wait for it to check your Mac's hard drive, such as check extents overflow file, catalog file, multi-linked files, catalog hierarchy, extended attributes file, volume bitmap or information. Then you will see the root prompt again.

Free Mac disk repair software

Enter the command " reboot " and press Return key again. Then your Mac will restart normally from hard drive. It is worth mentioning that forgotten Mac admin password can be reset in recovery mode and single user mode. More details, please go for passage about how to reset Mac admin password if forgot. Fortunately, two built-in utilities have been created in Mac for the problem. Step 1: Get to Disk Utility on Mac startup. Step 2: Choose the disk you need to repair. Note: Before checking and repairing disk errors, you can see the selected disk whether it can be verified or repaired by clicking " Info " from top menu.

Continue while you get a prompting message from First Aid.

How to Verify and Repair a Disk From the OS X Command Line

First Aid will run and check out the possible errors on preferred disk. Result 1: Nothing is wrong or no errors needed to be repaired.

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Then you will receive message like "The volume the name of disk appears to be OK". Result 2: You will get "overlapped extent allocation" errors. Result 3: Get "The underlying task reported failure" errors. This software is helpful if your storage drive has logical corruption; the drive is unmounted or not showing up on Mac, and you are unable to recover your data. Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac scans the Mac storage drive to recover permanently deleted files as well.

You can connect an external hard drive and perform formatted recovery, partition recovery and restore lost data conveniently. With this tool, you can run a surface scan to find out the bad-blocks on the media. DiskWarrior : This is a useful disk repair utility for Mac with quite a different repairing functionality, unlike other disk repair tool.

Defragment the hard disk and check for errors | Mac OS X

The software creates a replacement data basis the original data instead of rebuilding damaged data. Subsequently, the software ensures there is no inaccuracy in creating the new data structure from the original one. The software can also be used as a preventive maintenance utility for Mac storage device.

When you execute the software, it rebuilds and optimizes the directory, thereby removing any kind of data structure damage and improving drive performance. Drive Genius : This is a really beneficial disk utility tool for your Macintosh computer. The tool can be used to repair hard disk drive even if your Mac does not boot; supplementary bootable DVD comes handy to boot your computer from it and launch the tool.

Some of the important features of the tool include directory repair, repartitioning, cloning, surface scanning, defragmenting, executing bench tests, performing integrity checks, and above all shredding data which is generally not a consolidated feature of a repair utility.

The software has advanced features to execute system maintenance, run storage drive diagnostics, configure system hidden features, and delete caches. Its repair utility helps you to repair hard disk drive for errors and inaccessibility. The software is great for up keeping your Mac so that it functions without any glitch. TechTool Protogo : This is quite a good holistic Mac utility that is laden with advanced features.