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For any of this stuff, though, you need hard drives for storage. When you buy a Synology, you typically buy it standalone with empty drive bays. This means the first task to getting the NAS configured is to decide what kind of hard drives you want: speed, capacity, reliability, manufacturer and such. You can get away with any consumer OEM 3. Anything from Amazon will suffice for home consumer needs. Storage capacity depends on what you plan to use the NAS for, of course. Installing the drives into the Synology is very easy.

The main NAS caddy contains two bays.

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Take one of the bays out and remove the side strips. Then, slide a hard drive snugly into the bay. Re-attach the side strips to secure the hard drive in place, and then slide the whole lot back into the Synology. Looking at naked hard drives can be scary for some, but installation into the NAS is very straightforward and simple.

The clever design of the Synology bays eliminates the need for screws, or any tools at all. Aside from hard drive installation, the Synology hardware is as simple to configure as any other home appliance. Plug in the Ethernet and power cord, then switch it on. I knew about the easy-to-switch drive bays, but I had this feeling that the software configuration would be finicky and annoying. For the most part, I was very wrong.

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The Best NAS for Most Home Users

Setting up the Synology system is a breeze. Eventually, you gain access to the real Synology system — again exposed through a web UI. This is fine but it is sluggish; any click takes at least a second for something to happen. Clicking on things is not as responsive as a real desktop computer by any means, however much it tries to ape the visual appearance. There are hundreds of online tutorials if you really want pictorial step-by-step guides for any feature, and the manual PDF included with the Synology is pretty good to boot.

I think I referenced the official how-to guide once.

More new gear from today:

The iOS apps are bad. I use Plex. Plex then asks for pointers to the folder structure; these are the shared folders that were configured earlier. The quad-core, Intel Pentium N processor should be plenty powerful enough, though. A maximum of users can use the DS at a time — a testament to the power of its hardware.

The ability to read encrypted files at speeds of over MBps and write them at over MBps is another compelling reason why it might be beneficial to your business to keep files locally in addition to in the cloud. Animation programs for mac. A box that can do that, can easily stream p and p video to multiple devices.

Adequately fast backup and synchronization was another baseline that each of the boxes met, though some were considerably faster than others. Regardless, only initial backups or synchronization tend to be time consuming, so subsequent partial backups will be relatively quick even on the slower boxes. Each of them should handle backups for four or five PCs and all the mobile devices you can throw at them. Nearly all NAS boxes are based on some form of Linux and most offer a plug-in, or app architecture to add less common features. Backup You can always map your NAS box as local drive and back up to it the way you would a USB drive, but most NAS boxes have features that are considerably more powerful and automated.

Dual ethernet ports A NAS box that supports port aggregation i. Gigabit ethernet will support more and it will ensure smooth streaming of 4K UHD p video, not to mention faster backups. But ever component on your network must be gigabit capable—the NAS box, the router, the computers, and any switches in the data path—must also support gigabit ethernet, too.

Best Network Attached Storage for - CNET

Be sure to use CAT5e or higher ethernet cable, too. Alternatively, you can attach a USB drive to keep the box backed up. How important this feature is depends on how important the data you store on the drive is. When comparing features and prices for NAS boxes, be sure to note whether the box comes with hard drives or is unpopulated.

High-performance boxes typically come sans drives.

Best NAS box for media streaming and backup

But USB 3. Video transcoding Many NAS boxes employ CPUs that offer hardware-assisted video transcoding; that is, altering the dimensions and bit rates of the original video before streaming it. This super-affordable without drives dual-bay NAS box handles multimedia and backup with the best of them.

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  • We're big fans of this box's all-metal construction and world-class performance. We also like its user interface, although it could be easier to use, and we wish it could be administered fully using its front-panel controls, but this is a great product overall.

    Synology's rich app environment allows it to also function in a host of SOHO roles.