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For some reason, Word is printing the textbox on top of the text itself. When I take the textbox, copy it to a new document, and try to print, it prints correctly. I have also checked my printing preferences and I believe all the settings are correct. Does anybody know how to fix this? The problem is there is a RED back ground and no White ink. You need to remove the red background behind the white letters. DaveA , Feb 14, If that were the case, then why is the text layered under the textbox in the PDF? And the printer doesn't need "white ink," it is just supposed to not print anything there.

The same way it doesn't print anything where there is a white border. A border is the boundary of an area and the background go up to the border and not behind it.

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What program are using to make this PDF file? DaveA , Feb 15, As I said, if I put it into a second document it prints fine though. Joined: Jan 28, Messages: 1, In Publisher, you can send an object or text box to the back or bring it on top. I've never tried it in Word, but perhaps there's a way to do that. Look for instructions on watermarks. EBSchrader , Feb 15, There is layering in Word, however the text and textbox are a single object so you cannot change the layering of the two.

What are you doing differently in the second document? How are you making this second document? DaveA , Feb 16, In the second document, I just copied the textbox and its surrounding text and pasted it into a new document while preserving styles. In the first document, the textbox and its surrounding text are in a column. That is the only real direct difference, I believe.

Try selecting the text and un group, then set the layer so that the white text is 'on top'. Keebellah , Feb 18, The text and text box are not grouped together. They are considered a single object and thus cannot be ungrouped. Since posting this, I have found a workaround for my document.

I created a textbox separate from the oval background, grouped them while keeping the text on top. However, this is still a bug in MS Word. Reseting printer doesn't help. Nothing works. Anyone find a solution to this other than throwing the computer out? Aug 30, PM. Sep 7, PM in response to ron In response to ron Same thing here, all the same problems. Tried all the suggestions. Although, I might add that I was able to print all colors including black from. What is this thing??? Is it software? Has anyone figured this out?

From what I can see issue started back in Someone must have figured it out by now. Why are there no updates? Someone please help.

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Sep 7, PM. I began having the same problem about a month ago - unable to print any black ink document created in MS Word or Excel to my HP Photosmart Premium g-m.

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Very frustrated - replaced all the ink cartridges, ran printer utilities, rebooted - nothing! No problem printing from web sites. Seems to only happen when using MS Office. There must be some Apple genius who can figure this out. Glad I didn't run out and buy a new printer yet, because it appears that is not a solution!

Someone please help soon!! Sep 20, PM. Question: Q: Computer won't print black text in Word, excel, safari- not printer issue.. More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Robwin Robwin.

How to Place Text Over a Graphic in Microsoft Word

I am at a loss. I have an iMac with All was well and then my HP printer just won't print text in black. I have replaced all ink though they were all full and since I just decided it was a printer issue I just purchased another printer Canon MG brand new and having the same issue only with black text.

Microsoft Office: Mac 2011 – Bug Free?

Can someone please help???? Again- not a printer issue- something with the mac itself. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content.

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As a test I would try changing the text to a different colour and see if that prints. If the different colour prints then we can rule out a font issue, although both machines being raster-based should not be impacted by fonts. You could also try printing to PDF to see if the symptom continues. If the PDF is okay then try printing that from Preview.

I would also try printing a text file from TextEdit. If TextEdit and Preview do not print the black text then I suggest a reset of the printing system. Move your mouse over the Printers list 3.

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Hold down the Control button and click the mouse 4. Click the "Reset printing system Restart your Mac This will remove your print queues but not your printer drivers. So you will only need to add your printer queues again. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Text edit also will not print - only blank.

Won't print to PDF also- blank. Reset printer on my one year old and my 2 hour old new printer and restarted- no help! What could have happened here???? Some kind of crazy software issue?