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This will vary by router manufacturer. The logs may also be hidden behind a button or menu that shows you information about DHCP clients. This program is simple, free, and effective.

WifiManager | Android Developers

Intended for use with a larger-scale network analysis and optimization package, this program can also just be used for free as a personal network scanner. It should show you most vital information about the devices on your network and even allows you to set it to automatically scan your network at certain intervals and collect data about the devices on it.

Simply open command prompt and type in arp -a. It might help if you want to figure out which devices are causing problems. Work smarter, not harder, right? You've decided to leave a comment.

WiFi Analyzer Apps for Android

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Other delays may also occur when connecting to networks and validating internet connectivity. If the Wi-Fi driver or firmware does not properly synchronize the MAC address state with the host kernel, internet connectivity checks will fail. If this happens, check with your silicon partners to ensure that the driver or firmware has been correctly updated with the new MAC address.

Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. Overview Bluetooth and NFC. Calling and Messaging. This reference implementation behavior may not work with certain chip vendors.

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This flag is used to control whether the Connected MAC Randomization toggle is shown in the developer option of the reference Settings implementation. If true , the toggle is shown; if false , the toggle is not shown. Test your implementation using the methods described in Validation.