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All of the official icons included in Leopard. Customer Reviews. Available source files and icon fonts for both personal and commercial use. A lot of icon packs you can find here. Search for other related icon images from. This collection contain high resolution over leopard icons. Password: skinpacks. Login Join. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals. We're Punk Labs and we love making games and stuff!

Raster Prime. Editable Vectors Vector icons are not merged and have preserved shapes. The Simple Folder Icon Pack allows you to give an original touch to your desktop no matter the file types or applications you choose to associate. Before you proceed with downloading and installing these skin transformation theme for Microsoft Windows, do note that there are risk involves such as the possibility of making your system un-bootable or crash frequently.

Some website was saying file doesn't exist error The best thing about this app is that you can customize your pack of Icons and select the best of available ones. First, let me discuss features of Icon Pack Mixer. License Windows Desktop customized with Mac icons. Download for free. This application has a good collection of logos which makes your PC look awesome.

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Changing desktop icons is one way to personalize it. Free vector icon. Everything went back to normal except for one thing. The set contains 8 icons which you can use for private and commercial projects, blogs and web-sites Simple Folder Icon Pack is a great collection that includes almost 30 high quality folder replacement icons that will give a colorful look to your desktop.

Like this video. The beautiful design is a slight departure from the flat Metro theme of Windows Your Mac's desktop is like your home;it needs to be personalized to make it your place. Download Black Glass Version. The subtle light shade gives depth to the colors. Apple Mug Icons and Extras. Enjoy the magic of icon packages that match your likes Find more than a thousand icon packages at WinCustomize. PixeloPhilia2 Mac osx Icons. The main compartment houses larger items and keeps your favorite magazines and books true to form.

Choose between the alternate versions of icons within the set, for example, the Preview replacement icon comes with both day and night styled options. A cool feature for those with digital cameras — however, showing a preview does take extra processing time because Mac OS X has to load each image file and shrink it down to create the icon.

By continuing to browse you are agreeing to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. All the icons are created by Icons8 in the same design style and quality. Inside the package are the most important icons, from system tools such as the Finder and TimeMachine, to the most used applications such as iTunes and Safari. The set includes 10 icons featuring the logos of popular social bookmarking sites. As an old Windows user who has been using this system for over ten years, I recently decided to purchase my very first Mac. We have amazing Design Services for commercial projects.

Always create a new restore point in the event things goes bad. Desktop icon customization software for multiple platforms. Deviant Art: Search.

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  4. Get the world's biggest Material Design icon library. More than 67 downloads this month. Right-click on a folder and select "Get Info" Drag and drop an icon from the mac folder. You can now customize the OS X Yosemite Preview Iconset by johanchalibert 21 icons In order to select an icon for each application in the dock, right-click on it and select Icon settings. JPG; x px; More Info. All you need to do is to select a best suited icon, install it and make a pack. I really love the Invent-icons pack! Also, you are able to request Are there any good custom mac icon packs?

    Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate. Please post feedback or suggestions if you have them! Download all the mac os x icons you need. Now its turn of User Pictures. Download RocketDock Icon Pack 2. With the dock on the bottom and the finder bar on top, it makes a good combo for quick access while the white design with colored buttons make it easy on the eye.

    As a UX designer I could not have asked for a perfect icons. A good Icon Theme should have a valid. Exempli Gratia Mac Icons Pack. It features icons for typical applications, web apps, and folders. Trash Can Icon for Mac. La Capitaine is an icon pack — designed to integrate with most desktop environments. Enjoy free shipping and returns on all orders.

    Broken Mac icons Set. All the icons are still grey in the Save and Open dialogue boxes. Anyone else had this problem? Installed and beautiful color icons but after restart system again grey icons…..!!! Any update or I missed any installation…? Every time I have to do this terminal action at system restart…? You could always make a small startup script to kill the finder automatically though. Then I did a full-on maintenance with the Lion version of Onyx and all was grey again on start-up.

    Fantastic — Love it! Just done the same for iTunes too!! Thanks again and again and again! Apparently there is a problem with SIMBL holding the settings when machine is restarted at this point. I have written a small Applescript that you can put in your login items. Thank you for passing this on.

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    Apple made some nice design tweaks in Lion but also some horrible, horrible choices. Which is it? Or is it going skeumorphic and being quite happy to be the star of the show, as in Address Book and iCal? The thing about the Finder sidebar icons is that they are NOT a distraction from the content. Glad to have the color back. Dead simple to use. Via OS X Daily, this post has all the details and downloads.

    I wrote a blog post a while ago with details and downloads for iTunes. Sorry about that, the link should work now. Yes, thank you developer and OSXDaily. I hate the bland icon color…or lack of. I knew it would it would take someone with skills to create a third-party workaround. Never mind, when I searched for the folder manually I found it and got it to work. However my sidebar icons revert to grey, I believe when restating the computer.

    I tried to lock the ColorfulSidebar. I add this : the ColorfulSidebar. Too bad. Very disappointed. Would love to apply this to my Mac on Lion. Thanks, Rick. I hated the gray also and this changed it on the Sidebar, but not on the top bar where I have the Delete button, Get Info and New Folder icons.

    I too would love to have colour available to make me faster as icons are easier to discern. And have a more enjoyable experience. This is why I have liked mac forever and now its turning bleak and pathetically uniform. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. BenyC says:. November 12, at pm. October 20, at am. April 6, at pm.

    December 11, at am. Simon Barnett says:. November 17, at pm. September 29, at am. Lexxie says:.

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    September 16, at am. August 27, at pm. Mike Verble says:. July 25, at pm. Dani says:. Erik Hoffman says:. June 2, at am.

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    + Mountain Lion Icons (ICO) by MrWhiteEye on DeviantArt

    Getting sidebar icons back - MacNN Forums says:. October 5, at pm.

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