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Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? Hi Andy, First off a couple of questions; On which browser are you trying to set the default homepage? It's just the Mac guys where it fails. Occasionally Firefox. If I can get Safari working,that will at least alleviate the urgency,.

Set your startup page

Apple expert. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. Pay attention to the default set of buttons at the bottom of the toolbar box. You can restore this set any time if you ever make a giant mess of your toolbar setup. If you simply want to rearrange or get rid of toolbar buttons, you can do that even without opening the Customize Toolbar box. Hold down the Cmd key and move the buttons around or drag them off the toolbar as needed. Your Safari customization is incomplete without easy access to your favorite web pages.

Here's how to master them.

How to set the home page

Read More to learn everything you need to know about managing your bookmarks. Apart from bookmarks, Safari has another useful read-it-later feature called Reading List. To add a page to your Reading List, click on the tiny plus button that appears next to the URL in the address bar when you hover over it. Want Safari to save your Reading List articles for offline use automatically?

Safari lets you configure a few settings on a per-website basis. These include camera and microphone access, push notifications, and auto-play settings. For each setting, notice the default behavior listed below the right-hand pane.

Ask Mac 911

You can leave that setting alone or pick a different option from the dropdown menu provided. For example, in the Auto-Play pane, notice that the default Safari behavior is to stop auto-playing media. You can then program Safari to auto-play all content on YouTube in future.

To do this, select the Allow All Auto-Play option from the dropdown menu next to YouTube in the list of active websites. Did you know that you can set up shortcuts for your Safari bookmarks?

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Now, click on the plus button below the right-hand pane to reveal the shortcut creation popup. Here, select Safari from the Application dropdown menu.

3 Ways to Set Google As Your Homepage on Mac - wikiHow

Type that name in the Menu Title field back in the macOS settings app you switched from. You can also copy the bookmark name from the Bookmarks Editor and paste it into the Menu Title field. Now, highlight the field next to Keyboard Shortcut and hit the key combination you want to use for the bookmark in question.

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In System Preferences, look for the Profiles preference, which is a spiky badge with a checkmark in the middle. To remove an errant profile, click the Profiles preference pane, select the profile in the list, and click the minus button. This will prompt you to confirm removal and may require entering an administrative password.