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If you attempt to update inline, you get a warning about the license changes. For extensive details about the changes to licensing, see this Java Champions article on Medium.

jEnv - Manage your Java environment

They currently appear to be maintaining versions 11 and 12 of the JDK. Oracle themselves, who sponsor the project, state that the update cycle for the JDK is now a new release every six months. This is not offered for free by Oracle. It is not clear how long OpenJDK 11 will continue to be supported. OpenJDK 8 is no longer being maintained. However, to date, they do not provide a macOS installer.

Then I checked if Java 10 was still up to date.

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The newest version suggested should be I installed the update and afterwards I was asked if I wanted to remove the older version, which I acknowledged. However, no Java 11 is installed. As far as I can see, Version 8 Update is the recommended version. Anyway, certain click functions do not work anymore clicking on filter, on TM hits etc.

This limits the functionality of CT in a decisive manner. This seems so. Some time ago I commented here that Mac will give up Java support, and Oracle does not seem to care about that. The only way would be to have a program pack with JRE included, to make sure all users have a consistent program. OmegaT offers this, and many other Java apps do.

Looks like 11 had been installed after all I based my assumption that installation went wrong on the missing 11 applet in the Preferences.

Oracle OpenJDK

I had to install 10 again, which currently is being used:. The only way would be to have a program pack with JRE included. CafeTran Espresso is very good and I don't bother about the extra layer that is needed for Java Sunday, August 18, Pete Houston Blog.

Java and the Mac OS X Terminal

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Install different Java versions on MacOS Mojave 10.14+

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