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I also moved the Font folders out of my user Library and disk Library leaving only the required fonts in the System Library. That reduced the fonts showing in Word by a few, but Word continued to show some fonts well, at least one, I didn't check further that are not in that folder. Word was still finding Century Gothic. After I moved the Fonts folder back to the disk Library, Word was the way it was before, showing some of the fonts in that folder, but not all.

How to Install Fonts

Apr 4, PM. Apr 5, AM in response to leaudulac In response to leaudulac. Before spending the time reinstalling the OS, create a new test user account and login to it. Try Word from the new account. If fonts behave as they should there, then the problem is somewhere in your normal account.

Use Font Book to create libraries and collections of fonts

If the same thing happens, then it's a system wide issue. That could be the OS needing a reinstall, Office needing to be reinstalled, or both. Another quick thought. Is Office up to date?

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If there are any, apply them and see if it helps. Century Gothic was installed by Office Even if you put them in the trash. You have to restart to release the fonts from use. Apr 5, AM. Unless this directory location is added to Font Book as a new font collection, the fonts in this location are not found during standard System font library searches, and remain unseen by applications. Yes, OS X also installs a copy of that font. In that location, only the iWork apps see it when using those apps. The same problem exists in another account on this Mac.

The problem does not exist in non-Office programs. I've used Fontbook.

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I've deleted duplicate fonts manually from the Fonts folders. I've used FontNuke to delete font caches. Is there anything left to try, other than reinstalling Word? Apr 7, PM. Apr 8, AM in response to leaudulac In response to leaudulac. Is it just this specific third party font you're trying to use that won't appear in Word, or does it vary some system fonts won't appear, either. I was helping someone else some months back with a font set that wouldn't appear in Word, and only Word They sent me the fonts to look over. There was nothing technically wrong with them but I rebuilt the internal names and saved them back out as OpenType fonts.

Just rewriting a font can often fixes issues with it. The new fonts worked in every single app as they were supposed to - except Word Of the four type faces regular, italic, bold, bold italic , Word would not for any reason show the bold italic font. Is this a free font I can download from the same site you got it from? I'd like to look it over and see what's going on. Or, you could email it to retoucher at jklstudios dot com.

How to get fonts from the Font Book into Word's fonts - Microsoft Community

I have no issues with Office Apr 8, AM. Should add since we're in the Mountain Lion forums. Office requires Yosemite or El Capitan. So don't purchase it if you're running Mountain Lion and have no plans to upgrade the OS, or you'll have software you can't use. There are other fonts not showing.

As an example, though, I need Kameron. I got it from Google fonts.

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User profile for user: Saoj Saoj User profile for user: leaudulac leaudulac. Wireless Speciality level out of ten: 1. Group your fonts into User private fonts unique to your user account and Computer public fonts available to anyone who uses this Mac groups. The Classic collection assembles classic fonts with names such as Baskerville, Copperplate, and Didot. You can create your own font collections by choosing the File and then New Collection commands and typing a name for the collection.

Then just drag fonts from the Font column into your new collection. Preview your font of choice by clicking the font name in the Font column. If you happen to be in Finder, another nifty way to preview fonts is via Quick Look. Disable the fonts you rarely or never use by clicking the little box with the check mark under the Font list. If you change your mind, choose the command Edit and then Enable font you disabled. Leopard will open the font on your behalf and shut it down when you close the program. When a dot appears next to a name in the Font list, duplicates of that font family are installed.