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And I couldn't locate two other features of Backstage anywhere in the Mac version of Office: Checking a document to see whether it contains hidden personal information and managing previous versions of a file. It may be that they're hidden so deeply I couldn't find them.

But it's a shortcoming of the Mac version of Office, even if it's only a minor one. Microsoft has been integrating its cloud-based service OneDrive into both Windows and Office, and so, as you would expect, access to OneDrive is built right into Office 16 for the Mac. You have a choice of opening or saving files either to the cloud-based OneDrive or on your Mac's hard disk.

It took me a little while to get used to the somewhat confusing OneDrive interface. You then have the choice of opening a file on OneDrive or on your local Mac. If you choose to open a OneDrive file, you get the same Office-like interface. Using two different interfaces to open files is jarring at first and takes getting used to.

However, after a few times I got used to dealing with it. You likely will as well. As with the other Office applications, the main thing that's new about Word is the interface. But there are other changes as well. There is now a somewhat awkward collaboration feature that lets two people work simultaneously in the same document.

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In theory it sounds nice; in practice, I wasn't impressed. You don't see the changes your collaborator makes until she saves the document, and she won't see your changes until you save it.

Download Earlier Versions of Office

That's not exactly real-time collaboration. Nice try, but I won't be using the feature any time soon -- Google Docs is far superior in this area, because it uses true real-time collaboration. Word and the other Office applications get the full-blown ribbon treatment in Office 16 for Mac. On the plus side, there's a new Styles pane that lets you apply pre-set styles to text and paragraphs.

It's easy to overlook, because it's available only on the Home tab. To use it, go to the Home tab and click the Styles Pane icon on the upper right of the screen -- and the pane appears. Click the icon again to make it go away. Word also adds another useful new pane, the Navigation pane, which lets you navigate through a document via search results, headings and page thumbnails.

You can also navigate by the kinds of changes you've made to the document, such as comments and formatting. One of the most welcome additions to Excel is that it now recognizes most Windows keyboard shortcuts.

Spanking new interface

But don't worry -- there's no need to abandon the old Mac Excel shortcuts, because it recognizes them as well. Being a long-time Windows Excel user, I found this saved me a great deal of time on the Mac. It was like coming home. Spreadsheet jockeys will be pleased that Excel has been powered with many of the features from the Windows version, such as adding slicers to pivot tables. With slicers, you create buttons that make it easy to filter data in a pivot table report, with no need to resort to drop-down lists.

A number of new statistical functions have also been added, such as moving averages and exponential smoothing. Less importantly, when you click on a cell, your cursor essentially glides over to it in an animated way, like it does on the Windows version of Excel. Will this change your life? Far from it.

Before you begin

But I found it just the slightest bit entertaining, and I, for one, can use all the entertainment I can get when I'm using a spreadsheet. Not everything is rosy in this new version of Excel, though. You can't build pivot charts in Excel, which is unfortunate, because they're a great way to present complex information at a glance, and are useful when creating dashboards meant to display a great deal of data at once. PowerPoint has gotten the same kind of collaboration features as Word and suffers from the same limitation it's not true real-time collaboration because changes don't show up until the person you're collaborating with saves them.

On the plus side, I found the new Presenter view an excellent addition.

Download Earlier Versions of Office

With it, while you're projecting a presentation, your audience will see the current slide, while you'll also see your notes, the next slide and a timer. That makes it easy to read from your notes and know what's coming next when giving your presentation. This Mac app was originally designed by Microsoft. Microsoft Office is a suite of products that allow you to create fantastic looking documents-from dynamic presentations to stunning reports and engaging communications.

Windows Mac. Developer: Microsoft. From the developer: Microsoft Office is a suite of products that allow you to create fantastic looking documents-from dynamic presentations to stunning reports and engaging communications.

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Comments You can also add comment via Facebook. Thank you for rating the program! Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote. Notify me of replies from other users. For users working on more complicated statistics, the Analysis ToolPak introduces several statistical functions like moving averages and exponential smoothing.

Finally, Microsoft has also been pushing out updates to OneNote recently, all of which are included in Office You can now organize your notes more effectively with tags, and use optical character recognition OCR to parse text from images and handwriting. Although Microsoft pushes out small updates to its Office for Mac intermittently, the last time the apps saw a full revamp was Read next: Forget MVPs, startups need to create minimum 'lovable' products.

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