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  1. MS Excel for Mac: Sort data in alphabetical order based on 2 columns
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Once you have all that information entered, you can sort it to meet your needs with no more than a few clicks of the mouse.

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Learning how to alphabetize in Excel as well as some other ways to sort text can save you tons of time and give you more control over the data you need to use. You can even perform some basic sorting using Excel online with Office The simplest way to alphabetize a column in Excel is to use the Sort feature. Where you find this feature depends on which version of Excel you are using.

MS Excel for Mac: Sort data in alphabetical order based on 2 columns

If you want to alphabetize a range of cells in Excel using more than one column, the Sort feature enables you to do so, as well. This feature is not available in Office Excel Online. For instance, you may have a lengthy list containing the names of months or weekdays that you would like to sort chronologically.

Excel will tackle this for you, as well.

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Excel provides numerous ways to enter, sort and work with virtually any kind of data. Check out 6 Ways to Sort Data in Excel for more helpful tips and information.

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Make sure there are no blank cells in the list. Using the Sort Dialog Box Using the Sort dialog box, you can create multi-level sorts that meet a variety of specifications. To sort by ascending or descending values i.

3 Time-Saving Tips To Be More Productive On Excel for Mac

In the Then by pull-down menu, select the column you want to use. To sort according to a custom list, In the Sort by pull-down menu, select the column you want to use to sort. Click Options The Sort Options dialog box appears. Click OK. I can't find it!?! Am I on a fool's errand?

Sort data using a custom list

I found the help text What gives? I don't think Jomel understands PivotTables quite well enough to understand what it is you are trying to do, which is to use a feature that was left out of Excel for Mac. The sort options offered in Excel for Mac simply do not include Manual sort.

Here's a screen shot of the corresponding dialog:.

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Microsoft has a feature suggestion site where they track demand for features left out of Office for Mac. If no one asks for the feature, they assume no one wants it and they are content to leave it out.

Create custom lists in Excel

What you should do next is to start a feature suggestion to support Manual sort of PivotTables, then reply here with a link to your suggestion so others can vote for it.