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This WWI flight sim uses a free-to-play business model, allowing players to purchase and fly a variety of painstakingly modelled era-appropriate aircraft, taking an incredibly realistic physics engine into account. Ace of Aces is a multiplayer flight combat simulator, built on Garage Game's 'Torque' engine and previously available on their InstantAction web gaming service. The first entry in the adventure series, Covert Front, which follows a spy named Kara during an alternate, technologically advanced version of World War I. On his 21st birthday, Jackie Estacado gets possessed by an entity known as The Darkness.

After getting into trouble with the Mafia, Jackie finds himself on the run, trying to protect the people most important to him. A WWI game where the player is cast in the role as medic. They must bandage and return from No Man's Land with wounded soldiers. It combines the board game style strategy of the other games with a focus on economic and political management. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:.

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Top Mac War Games: Renowned Franchises

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    You just have to do a little extra work to find them. Mac games are relatively rare, and their scarcity increases as they age. The production runs are smaller, which results in fewer used copies, which results in higher prices. This leaves out games like Rise of Nations. All of the games found here are affordable, which means they are relatively recent releases and many of them are sold on Steam. This massive game offers players the chance to conquer the stars with gigantic fleets.


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    Building them requires the management of complex resource system, though with that said, this is far from the most hardcore title you can buy. The newest version is Civilization V, but its focus on making the series more accessible has angered some gamers while pleasing others. Fortunately, you have a choice. Civilization IV: The Complete Edition is also available for Mac and it still feels quite modern, so gamers who prefer more complex strategy can pick it up.

    This unique title is story-driven, making it different from most strategy games.

    It places you in charge of saving a virtual world called Darwinia. A virus has assaulted it and its virtual citizens — and only you can stop it. There is a demo available.

    Top free Strategy games for macOS -

    One of the newest games here, Frozen Synapse is a turn-based title focusing on squad combat. However, the complex interactions between units, terrain and fog-of-war result in a deceptively challenging game. Units die quickly to gunfire, so a single round rarely lasts more than thirty minutes. As the name implies, this strategy game is all about space battles.

    Fleets of 2D vessels are pitted against each other and attempt to achieve victory with beam weapons, torpedoes, missiles and rail guns. This game sets itself apart from others by taking away direct control of battles. Players are responsible for designing ships and determining deployment. This sounds unusual, but the design lets you focus on building ships and enjoying battles instead of worrying about split-second changes in starship tactics.

    Best Strategy Games 12222: All the top picks for veterans and newcomers alike

    Hearts of Iron has been considered the definitive World War II strategy game since the release of the original in The latest edition refines the interface and updates the graphics, but it remains a hardcore title targeted at history buffs and World War II fanatics. The huge number of possible strategies and large number of playable countries makes this a title that you can play for hundreds of hours without exploring every possibility. The Total War series is one of the best strategy franchises on the market, but the latest games have not come to the Mac.

    The most recent title you can purchase is Rome: Total War.

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    Anyone who wants to enjoy real-time strategy with extreme tactical depth needs to pick this one up. Yes, the Sims is a strategy game. This is the most approachable game on our list. The Sims 3 is the most engaging game in the franchise from a strategy perspective. Managing day-to-day life of an entire family can become a serious challenge.