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  1. How to win a chess match in just 2 moves
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  3. Do humans have a chance to beat a chess computer?!
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Admittedly you can cheat because its responses are fixed always moves the same way in the same position so if you analyze ahead you can beat it easily and pointlessly. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

How to win a chess match in just 2 moves

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Chess - Mac Pro vs MacBook Pro - 18

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How to Beat Chess Computers, Play Chess Online | IchessU | IChessU

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Do humans have a chance to beat a chess computer?!

Yet, clearly some more sophistication is needed in the evaluation function to play sensible chess. This means it has less time for calculating the possible variations, and so a more complex evaluation function may result in loss of tactical ability.

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Chess positions have a lot of variations, and the more possible positions we come up with the more time must be spent evaluating them. It is important to identify quickly when a particular variation is not worth following up.

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Mostly the computers use techniques based on ordering moves, so they try the most promising first. Having identified lines that are not promising, it will not evaluate these lines as fully to save time. This means it may not consider all possible sacrifices very deeply. Effective pruning is vital to ensuring we consider only the most appropriate moves. Humans are thought to be particularly good at recognizing the significant moves in a position — it is believed that Grand masters only consider an average of 1. So a lot of work in computer chess goes on ensuring that the tree of variations is grown appropriately, and that branches that are tactically interesting receive more attention.

Openings — Most modern chess programs have an extensive opening book, and so play according to the best theory in many lines. Standard Endgames — are a strength as modern programs have databases, computers are appalling at endgames. Probably because tactics are if not less important, then easier to see, whilst ideas become more important. If something will not happen they can not understand that. Non-Standard Endgames — though, computer rely on endgame pre-defined evaluation based on material left, rather on position nuances. For example, see an opposite colored Bishop ending features in the Kasparov — Deep Blue match, round 2 game given later — the chess computer concluded that the opposite color Bishops lend the position a more end game nature, while in the particular position, the opposite colored Bishops played an important attacking feature rather than a drawing factor.

Special positions — Zugzwang, for example, can be difficult for computers.

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  4. The pieces are on okay squares, there are perhaps a few pawn moves available before one side is forced to make a worsening piece move, so the computer can not see that the forthcoming doom. Worse still if you see something bad is going to happen losing a piece and you can put it off for a few moves by say sacrificing a pawn, then the machine may not realize it is still going to lose a piece.

    Thus it sees a choice between losing a pawn and losing a piece, and chooses loosing the pawn — eventually it loses both a piece and a pawn. Similarly when the loss of the King is unavoidable the computer may turn suddenly materialistic — ignoring the mating threats whilst grabbing material so as to lose by the smallest margin.

    Both these situations may lead to unnatural moves — since the computer is frequently a better tactician than the human — it may start making these unnatural moves before you realize you have a win. Opening choices against a master Tactician — When faced with a master tactician one should try to avoid open positions, where simplistic strategies of centralization, and tactical awareness predominate.

    Opening choices against a. Bookish Opponent — As we have said modern computer chess programs have extensive opening books, but often primitive understanding of a position, so one strategy that has been used successfully is to deviate from book early. Many of the Grand masters do not use this strategy — perhaps they have the advantage of being familiar with all the latest analysis — possibly even more up to date than the machines — but for the less strong players, this is a useful strategy and probably will give the club player good practice at thinking through opening plans.

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