How to move pictures from camera to mac


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  3. Import photos from a camera or phone using Photos on Mac

How to Import From Canon EOS Digital Rebel to iPhoto | It Still Works

How can I change the date on the photos once they are imported? If I drag and drop from the new album 1 to an existing album 2 and delete from the first album 1 I lose the picture from both. All I want to do is insert my camera memory card in my MacBook Air and save my pictures to my photo library located on an external hard drive! Not to the cloud or to my computer!

They make a simple task a pain in the butt! I hate this MacBook Air! Everything you do is a pain.

How to Import Images Into Photos App on Mac

If you use a memory card, you can drag and drop the pictures from the memory card to your external hard drive. All in the Finder. Very easy, no need to use Photos app. Thanks, that is what I ended up doing.

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They should make it where you can select the destination for you picture library, but they are trying to force you to use the cloud storage and I refuse to do that! Let me get this straight, when you import photos into Photos, it makes a copy of all the files??? What is the rationale here? What does the user do with the original copy? It seems not as easy as I expected. Preview did not work well. I have to select all, hit open with Preview, and then I can page down with ctrl-down arrow, and it is really slow.

This is the most useful post I have found all day, I took 1. Every time I update something under Apple, it gets worse. A bunch of idiots who have everything but common sense. Why would you take away the option to choose where your pictures go? With Preview, I could import photos from my iPhone and pick where they were saved.

Now when I plug in my iPhone, Photos automatically starts up. Then when I go to Preview to import my photos to a specific destination folder, no pictures show up in the import window. How do I stop this?

I just want to keep using Preview to import my pics and throw Photos in the garbage. I agree! Photos app is garbage and only good for amateurs. I like to know where my images are going. Absolute crap thats trying to take the power away from user so that we get to spend more time with apple support. I have both an iPhone and Android smartphone. Photos will NOT recognize the connected Android phone at all.

Then, I import from that folder into Photos as per outlined in this article. What happened to the good old days of freedom versus these walled garden control tactics?! And Apple is perhaps the epitomy of all such systems. This app really sucks. All I want to do is connect the camera to USB get a finder window and copy the camera files where I want to put them. Not where some stupid app wants to hide them buried somewhere. Apple is turning into the crap from Windows very rapidly. Why has the editing section stopped working in Photos? Apart from resizing, all the other options are blurred out and unusable.

This is a Apple Script Folder Action for autoimport to photos. I use it for autoimpor the screenshots and lightroom export pictures. Neither is Photos. So I exchanged the frustration to something else. My photos are now stored on my NAS es , and from there, they are being synced to my Flickr account automatically.

You know, it took some groundwork, like grouping corresponding photos together, putting them into right folders etc. But it was well worth it. As it comes down, it always comes down to a compromise. Hello…while trying to solve my own problem I stumbled upon your post. I am trying to do similar. My husband wants the photos stored on the NAS. However, I am looking for a good program to browse through them on. Fotor only lets me view one at a time. I love Picasa but I have to import them just to view them. Are you able to work with them on your mac in Flicker? Not familiar with that program. I have the same question as Duncan.

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Import photos from a camera or phone using Photos on Mac

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Since then, imports have gotten faster, and better. And the biggest difference with the iPad Pro is that now you can use any old USB-C card reader or hub to do the importing. To import your photos from a camera into your iPad Pro, you need two things: the SD card from your camera, and a compatible SD card reader.

Any of those will work. And, thanks to the super speed of USB-C, thumbnails of the photos on the card will show up pretty much instantly. Take a look at the screenshot above. Top left is the option to pick an album into which to import your photos. The default is to just dump them into your camera roll, but you can also pick an existing album, or create a new one. Then, notice the Import and Delete buttons.