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  1. Using a MacMini with a Logitech Harmony remote control
  2. How to Set Up a Logitech Harmony Hub - Configuration and Setup Guide
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Mapping an actual PS3 controller button to a Harmony button was the part that I was missing. Thanks much DanG, I will really appreciate the instruction on the settings. DanG, Sorry I have to take you backwards on the set up. Remote buddy is now present as an activity in my Logitech remote following Felix set up instruction. Regards Last edited: All support resources for our products.

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions, discuss with other users, recover a lost license code or file a support request. Forum closed. This posting is older than 6 months and can contain outdated information. After updating to OS X Please update your copy of Remote Buddy to version 1. Please see the detailed HowTo on this topic in our blog. Nothing happens when I press a button on the Smart Control. Activities on the Harmony Smart Remote are chosen by pressing one of the buttons from the "Music, TV, Movie" row at the top of the remote.

Please note: short and long presses of these buttons can select different activities. Bluetooth turned off: please make sure that Bluetooth on your Mac is turned on.

Using a MacMini with a Logitech Harmony remote control

Harmony Hub not paired: the Harmony Hub sometimes looses the Bluetooth pairing when making changes to its configuration. To initially establish - or re-establish - a Bluetooth pairing between the Harmony Hub and your Mac, follow this guide: Pairing instructions Show. Which Harmony commands need to be assigned to the respective buttons on the Smart Control so that I can use all buttons with Remote Buddy?

Launch the MyHarmony desktop software and sign into your account. Select the Devices tab on the left side of the screen. Select the Add device button. Enter the manufacturer Apple and model number Apple TV. You will be prompted to select your Apple TV generation. Select the Add Activity button. Continue through the series of questions to build your Activity. Once done, remember to sync your remote after making any changes.

Select the Scan for devices button near the center of the page.

How To Set Up Harmony Elite Universal Remote (IR, RF, BLUETOOTH, WIFI)

You will be prompted to connect your Harmony to your computer with the provided USB cable. Use this mode when your Apple TV displays a keyboard on the television screen. Control icon lists commonly used Apple TV buttons. Gestures allows you to control your Activity using simple swipe gestures over your phone screen.

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Netflix Direction Pad Navigation will navigate the Netflix app. Hulu Direction Pad Navigation will navigate the Hulu app. Vevo Direction Pad Navigation will navigate the Vevo app.

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Other Apps The behavior of other apps may vary depending on the app's design. Customize Adjust the physical buttons on your remote Harmony has already optimized the buttons on your remote; however you can further customize these buttons depending on your preference. Add, remove or rename commands on your remotes screen Harmony displays commands specific to your Watch Apple TV Activity on your remote screen.

Customize Harmony mobile app buttons You can view common Apple TV commands on your phone or tablet screen.

How to Set Up a Logitech Harmony Hub - Configuration and Setup Guide

Set your own swipe gestures By default, swiping up or down on the gestures screen will change volume. Your Apple TV should now respond to all commands sent from Harmony. Ensuring your Harmony hub and Apple TV are within visible range of each other and then select Unpair. If your device isn't found, ensure it's on the same Wi-Fi network as Harmony Express.

If you still have issues, reboot your device and router then try again.

Logitech® Harmony® Elite

Tap Continue and follow the on-screen prompts. As I already owned the fantastic Logitech Harmony remote I was pretty keen to get it working on my new HTPC but unfortunately Apples infrared remote implementation is very limited and only supports Apple remote controls few commands via 6 buttons. The Solution By default your Mac listens for any Apple remotes telling it do do something, by default it will listen to any remote and do as it commands. Technically, the way Apple allows pairing is that each remote has a randomly ID assigned between on manufacturing.

This ID is then broadcast before each button press. If your computer gets an ID different to the remote its paired with it will just ignore the command. Its thanks to this feature we can actually differentiate between many Apple remotes despite them seemingly sending the same command. Now we know this we can then set every key on your harmony to send unique IR codes to you computer.

I first discovered this process here , but it was a quite lengthy process and involved learning each remote individually.


Thankfully thanks to the crowdsourcing nature of the Harmony Remote system people have already submitted a remote setup with all the necessary codes saved. To set this up open Harmony Remote Software on your mac. Running Plex Only? This will give you access to all the buttons on the remote including starting up Plex via the Menu button when its not open.