Renaming folders on mac desktop


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  3. How to rename multiple files on your Mac

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It only takes a minute to sign up. Despite this, my Desktop and Documents folders have suddenly been renamed to "Desktop - Local" and "Documents - Local" respectively. The only reason I can think of is this may be due to installing iOS 11 on my iPhone, but I'm not sure. This is caused by iCloud Drive.

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This is to distinguish it with the Desktop and Documents folders on your iCloud Drive, which are named "Documents — iCloud", even if you didn't setup iCloud Drive on your Mac. The most probable cause, as found by the OP and me, is installing and running the new Files app on iOS It will says - Local or iCloud unless you deleted Documents folder on your iCloud Drive as it cannot be renamed. Best to create a new folder and move contents within Documents in iCloud Drive into new created folder labelled something different name other than Documents.

Then you will see without - Local or iCloud.

Customizing Restricted Folder Names

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How To Rename Folders On Your Mac - Tech Tutorial

This has actually gotten more powerful with successive OS X releases. However, you may find other applications designed for Mac might have this capability too. This lets you move your document to any location without opening the finder and dragging it there. Try double-clicking on the title bar, and it will show you where the document is located. In this case, our text document is in our iCloud folder.

How to rename multiple files on your Mac

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