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Sign up. A simple script to generate random MAC addresses. Python Makefile. Python Branch: dev New pull request. Find File.

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Download ZIP. Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode UUID :: v3 'abc'. UUID :: v4. UUID :: v5 null.

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The same goes for the v5 function which is always supplied a null URL. The v4 UUIDs are always entirely different because they are pseudo random. And the v1 calls are very similar but just slightly different because it's based on the computer's MAC address and the current time. Another UUID function.

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You should uses this function instead. If you are storing the value to database it might be more efficient to use more letters than in hexadecimal, for me I decided a-z is good enough. I use this function to generate microsoft-compatible GUID's. I'm not sure the previous function by mimec is really all that random. For one thing, generating 8 small random 4 digit sequeces!

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Just to note this function is fairly slow, and can bring your script to a crawl if it is in a loop. Strangely if you run it as uniqid '', true it runs much more quickly. This may not be the best way to give this param variables, but it at least makes it work what appears to be properly generating unique ID's.

How to get a connected client MAC address

Here is my approach to generate short string unique id. I am just increasing base of UUID. Wikipedia's page on cryptographically-secure PRNGs explains. It's just for illustration. Most of these notes are grossly wrong. First: you probably shouldn't be using uniqid at all. I can't think of a good reason to use it. Maybe to use as an identifier for a particular run of your script in logging, where you don't particularly care if there's a collision? We have been in business for over 53 years. We are an automotive repair facility called Roy Barber Services.

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Mac address Generator

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    How to get a connected client MAC address - Fibrevillage

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