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The Ghost A Crook. Hypnotized Producer. Short producer. My Husband! Shenandoah Short producer. Fix-It Short producer.


Mack Sennett - IMDb

Foreman of the Jury. Short Police Captain. Fix-It Short Suitor. Short Tom. Bragg, a Fugitive Short The Butcher. Peck Goes Calling Short Mr. Nelson, the Grouch. Short A Policeman. Short On Street. Jones' Burglar Short The Burglar.

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Francis Short Party Guest. Jones Entertains Short. Fix-It Short. Bragg, a Fugitive Short. Peck Goes Calling Short. Short scenario. Mack Sennett. Griffith: Father of Film Himself uncredited. Fields was the subject. Alternate Names: Mack Sennet Mr. Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: The more Keystone comedies I make, the more convinced I become that comedy is an art, and a high one at that. If those who are inclined to scoff at me will try their hand at directing just one of those comedies they designate as anything but art, I am pretty certain they will concede me my point.

Trivia: Advised serial queen Helen Holmes to become an actress.

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Trademark: Frantically wild comedies that observed no physical reality while the characters descended into chaos in improvised story lines and situations. Many of the films featured the antics of a group of wildly incompetent policemen known as the Keystone Kops , who would arrive in overloaded cars that they would often leave destroyed while they contributed to the mess they were sent to stop. I think that's a very damaging thing. I think 98 percent of our films are either actual, genuine propaganda or distractions. Glover : Well, I don't like to start getting into too much detail.

But, business interests have a lot of control over what is happening in our culture -- the media and academia and politics.

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I don't want to get overly political, but that Occupy movement that's going on -- of course it's confusing because it can mean a lot of different things -- but the part I agree with about that movement is there is a legalized bribery that's happening. Business interests are able to have influence on politics, which, of course, should be protested Glover: Oh! The reason I stared talking about that is that I always felt this, even when I was a teenager.

And it's especially true in television. There's so much effect on what the content is. And I don't mean to say things negatively percent. I'm grateful to the corporate world that I've grown up working. And that's made me be able to go and find my own films and tour with those. Because that's what I'm most passionate about. I loved working with Michael and Charlie -- it's a fun film and all of that, but I really am passionate about finding my own things. I'm not exactly sure how to transition to my next question after that.

But, here's my segue: Michael, were you surprised that "Spawn" didn't turn into a franchise? White: I don't really think about it, but, they talked about making a sequel to it for a while. I thought it was a no-brainer. And superhero movies started becoming darker. White: Well, there were some elements with the storytelling part of it that I had a problem with.

To this day, you'll never find any print or any interview that said "I loved the movie.

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There's an earlier version of it where the story was intact -- it was a story of a guy who lost everything and he was trying to get back to it. Somehow, the director started getting rid of that stuff -- and there's no heart anymore. I would love to step in there and do ["Spawn 2"], being that I understand the filmmaking process a bit more.


It may take me being more proactive and producing it. It would be a killer money maker. But, you know, I'd really want to represent it in a way that it should have been. It should have been an R-rated movie from day one. But, this time, you'd be able to do a movie where Spawn could be Spawn. The same Spawn as in the comic book -- that's what it should be. Glover: Well, the thing that I say in media, which we're in right now -- what I always answer is, "I neither confirm nor deny that I was ever on the David Letterman show. When people ask me at my shows, I go into a lot of detail about anything.

But, in media, that's what I always say. But my question isn't about that appearance. It's about the second time you were on, about a month after that first appearance. Letterman can be an intimidating guy, were you nervous? Coming on as yourself, out of character, after the first appearance went the way it did? You were on it. I saw you. And I just watched the clip again before I came in here. Glover: [Laughs] You can say that.

But, I mean, when I started acting, my concept about publicity I was never really that comfortable with publicity. Glover: I'm OK because what's really made me especially aware of why it's important is because I make my own films. At first, as an actor, I had a different philosophy about it: My initial idea was to never do any publicity at all. I would just be a mysterious actor who would play different characters and you'd never see me do anything.

Glover: But my real initial intention was none at all.

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Like, when "Back to the Future" came out, I didn't do any publicity for it. So, I did do publicity for it. But my sense of how to go about doing it, maybe, is a little bit different than I would go about doing it this point. I have respect at this point in my career as to what media is for as a businessperson and as a filmmaker. And, of course, now, when I work in corporate film -- and even at that time -- I understood I was helping the corporation that had paid me to be in the film and it's goodwill to publicize the film.

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And there are different ways of publicizing: You can publicize in a very sober manner or you can publicize with a kind of entertaining, flippant manner. At this point in my career, I think it's very good to compartmentalize things so that people don't get confused by what you're doing. So, I'm grateful to be in this film, "Freaky Deaky. I enjoyed working with everybody. So, I'm here to do my job and I appreciate talking to you. My way of thinking about publicity is probably very different than it was 25 years ago. Mike Ryan is senior entertainment writer for The Huffington Post.

He has written for Wired Magazine, VanityFair. He likes Star Wars a lot. You can contact Mike Ryan directly on Twitter. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. I imagine it's fun to be in a movie that takes place in the s. You two had a really good chemistry. There's a lot in this movie that's not explained, at first.

Propaganda for what? Glover: So I asked about some sitcoms, but then things seemed to get very serious. Was that one too dark too soon? So, Crispin, there is something I've always wanted to ask you about Glover: You can ask anything.