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In the morning he wakes me up and I have some coffee and I sing a little part on the song. We get into the purple Camaro again. Prince bombs it down the freeway and right out on to the tarmac alongside our private jet. He comes around to open my door and we hug goodbye, but we both look like crazy people.

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Nothing happened. Stevie Nicks: Let me state this here and now: We did not have a sexual relationship--I did not let that happen. Stevie Nicks: When we were recording "Stand Back" I decided to be really blatant and call Prince up and tell him that I had been inspired to write the song while listening to "Little Red Corvette. He came over to the studio where I was recording and listened to it--as I turned extremely white and started to shake. Then he walked over to the piano and put on a really incredible keyboard track. And not only did Prince make it up right on the spot, he played it with only two fingers.

Then he left.

Fleetwood Mac Sara

Stevie Nicks: Yes, when I was on the road a year or so later. I was sick, and Prince brought some cough syrup up to my hotel room. He was sweet--he walked around the room folding things, fluffing pillows, tidying up in general. Then he gave me a spoon of it himself. But when I asked for another spoonful he changed--he said, "I didn't come all the way up here just to get you hooked on another substance!

Stevie Nicks: No. I was at the premiere of Purple Rain, and in the scene where he slaps Apollonia I freaked and had to go sit in the bathroom. Afterward I went back to see him, and when he asked why I'd left, I had to tell him, "When you popped Apollonia, it kinda popped my brain. We've never spoken since.

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In the morning he wakes me up and I have some coffee. I'll bite. It's definitely in the conversation of greatest production jobs ever.

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  • Hear Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Real Pretty’ Live ‘Sara’ From New ‘Tusk’ Box Set – Rolling Stone.
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  • Sara [Edit] Lyrics.
  • Sara Lyrics!
  • The much-lauded FM rhythm section somehow locks in and swings without ever seeming obtrusive, and while it probably would have been tempting for most bands to carry that swing-side even further, the band recognizes that unless there's that terra firma underneath at say , the whole thing will be swept out in it's cocaine psychosis longings. At this point I don't who the song is addressing, and yet I know it perfectly.

    Fleetwood Mac - Sara lyrics | LyricsFreak

    I think Silver Spring is peak Nicks, production and vocal and lyrics. I can't believe they didn't bend over backwards to squeaze it into Rumours. Hey thanks-odd that this thread popped up today, I was listening to 'Sara' just last night in all its glory on the car stereo. Is Fleetwood Mac's "Sara" the greatest production job ever?

    Message Bookmarked. It's got Stevie Nicks at her gauzy-witchy best, refusing to pin down the lyric's homoerotic ambiguities by fantasizing about some guy undoing the laces of her skirt. Meanwhile Lindsey Buckingham swathes her in the greatest production he'd ever give a non-Buckingham song: two pianos played by Christine Mcvie overdubbed slightly off-time, layer upon layer of harmonies in which Nicks drowns in a sea of love, and Nicks keeping it going by shouting pseudo-poetic banalities as the song fades "All I ever WANTED!

    Sara Songtext

    I haven't heard the minute demo preserved on the Tusk reissue, but it may be too much of a good thing. According to one bio "Sara" was named for one of Stevie Nicks' best friends. I'd never heard anything about that abortion - curious. As for the song itself, I think it's one of the greatest ever. Nope, but impressive, yes. I heard the abortion story too Sara was also the name of Mick Fleetwood's wife.

    Stevie was apparently doing Mick at the time, although she and Sara were great friends. Apparently there are a lot of possible interpretations , with convincing evidence know that it's about Stevie's friend Sara Ricor as Lotta says above, but here's Don Henley's theory : The following quote is taken from Don Henley's interview with GQ: [Henley's prodigious romantic escapades would include an affair with Stevie Nicks, who] "I believe to the best of my knowledge became pregnant by me.

    Where's his apologetic phone call to ME for having to listen to his wheeze for nearly all my life, huh? Michael, who would you believe in a lie detector test: Don fucking Henley or Stevie Nicks? Why is it the greatest production job ever, though? Two pianos and lots of vocal parts. Tell me more. I want royalties or at least acknowledgment, bitch.

    Or my name next to Henley's in the index. You know, it's never Stevie's songs that I want to hear, even though they were the massive hits. I mean, if you had to pick just one lovechild to be aborted, I think that's the one that I'd go with. The drifting layers, the gentle ache, all capture that specific SoCal brand of romanticism.

    Exactly and that's pretty much what Courtney took from the Stevie cookbook I'd say cf.

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    Yeah, she's started writing sturdy pop songs again. Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:. Fleetwood Mac — Sara lyrics. OK, got it!

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    To explain lyrics, select line or word and click "Explain". Add song structure elements. Corrected by BoneMachine. South Of The Border. Fear Inoculum. Cross You Out.

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    Sara meanings Best Recent 2 meanings 1. Sara is about a child Stevie Nicks conceived with Don Henley. She said she would have named her Sara if she had not aborted the child, and it was a girl. If you look at the words, it's clear what the song is about. Add your reply. There's a very good documentary called don't stop that's well worth watching.

    Sara is stevie nicks' friend who fell in love with the drummer whilst he was going out with stevie. The song is about the love triangle between nicks, fleetwood and sara recor who would eventually become fleetwood's wife. In the extended version of the song it is about all of the tangled relationships with nicks and her band members.

    Sara song lyrics fleetwood mac

    Log On Sign Up. Lyrics by: Stevie Nicks. Debut Chart 7 Dec '79 Hot