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Tracking Web Activity by MAC Address

All of the solutions seem far too detailed or complicated. John D. Let me know if my answer helps or not by leaving a comment below it; if it doesn't help just lmk and I'd be happy to help more! Just noticed the "software-recommendation" tag. FYI, there is a software recommendation Stack Exchange site for this kind of stuff too: softwarerecs.

Woods Dec 20 '18 at I'm familiar with Activity Monitor. TripMode is much simpler and will block apps as well. Feb 12 '17 at This is closest thing I can find. TripMode There are some other options: Activity Monitor.

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Too granular and only calculates when it is open. Does have the advantage that individual Safari tabs appear separately and it is very easy to kill a process. Peak Hour. Doesn't appear to track specific apps, but it looks like it talks to the router. It might be good for broad network evaluation of traffic usage. Tracks aggregate bandwidth use. As Internet Service Providers ISPs increasingly impose monthly data caps to consumer accounts, users who stream video, play online games, or just use the Internet a lot, find themselves at risk of incurring unexpected fees.

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You can avoid these fees by keeping track of how much data you use. NetUse Traffic Monitor Mac App Store link keeps an eye on your Internet activity, displays it on a graph, and provides alerts to keep you out of the bandwidth poorhouse. A thorough walkthrough of problems and solutions would be a big help for network configuration novices.

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Once NetUse Traffic Monitor has found your router, it will begin tracking upload and download traffic between your network and the Internet. You can set it to exclude uploads if you wish.

Will PeakHour work with my devices?

The usage graph displays traffic in real-time—hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Keep it running at all times to maintain a complete record. Below the graph, a segmented bar shows upload and download traffic, and estimates monthly data transfer based on past usage.