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Mac OS X is fairly bitness-agnostic, so either should work. If still in doubt, use the bit version. Then look at the column Kind. If it says Intel , then you are currently running 32bit mode.

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If it says Intel bit , then as the text says, you are running 64 bit mode. Note: You must show All processes , from te dropdown next to the search box filter. Then you can check Nate Bird 's answer on what processor you have and the supported modes for it. Many OS X programs come in universal binary format, meaning that they have multiple versions some combination of PowerPC bit, PowerPC bit, Intel bit, and Intel bit included in the same file.

Eclipse apparently doesn't come this way, so you have to decide which version to download. I'm not familiar enough with it to know if it has to run in the same mode as what you're trying to debug; if so, run your program, and look for it in Activity Monitor to see what mode it's running in. If Eclipse doesn't have to be in the same mode or the Java code just runs inside Eclipse , then you can use either one unless you're on a bit-only CPU, i.

Core Solo or Core Duo. As already stated by Gordon Davisson, fat binaries may include both bit and bit executables of a program see also Multiple Architecture, Single Build. Run uname -a in the shell to show details about the kernel. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs?

Asked 8 years, 3 months ago. Active 4 months ago. Viewed k times. How can I tell the 32 or 64 bit capabilities of my Mac? What version of the OS are you running? When was your MacBook Pro built? It's quite simple. Go to the Apple logo and select "About this Mac.

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If it says Core 2 Duo, then it is 64bit ignore the 32bit kernel issue, it will run 64bit software just fine. Physically, if your MBP has a black keyboard, it is absolutely 64bit. The original MBPs had a silver keyboard and the 32bit units were all but replaced in early So if you purchased your model even in the later course of , then it is a Mac capable of running 64bit. Also, if you are running Lion, then you are 64bit as Lion does not run on 32bit Macs. Paul Lefebvre Paul Lefebvre 2 2 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges.


macos - How to check whether my Intel-based Mac is bit or bit - Ask Different

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The data-compressing Opera Turbo feature, native ad blocker and other features will help you browse faster. Bookmarks, open tabs and other data stay synced through your Opera account. This would be compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit windows. They are dropping bit applications in this next OS X Catalina Maple , bit.

While developers optimize their apps for Name: write any name for your macOS Mojave. The new addition to the Macbook Operating Systems launched in 24th September of the year The most recent version of software that I can find on the Buffalo site is Version 2. Take more kinds of screenshots with less effort.

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Ahead of the public release of macOS My computer has been an update to macOS Mojave, To the best of my understanding, all it requires is to click a checkbox somewhere during the compilation process Notes Mac bit EndNote for mac has become incredibly slow you can see many complaints in other threads. Because Adobe software is generally performance-intensive, the current versions of major application are already bit, but older ones and some Adobe utilities are still bit.

Office started off as bit and was upgraded to bit in an update. Mojave is Apple's last version of macOS to support bit apps.

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  4. If you are thinking that why we have selected And macOS is often warning me about no support of your apps in the next versions of macOS. Their next operating system will support only bit applications. You could have purchased an Office subscription. Since the Thayer Birding Software v7. You can find this on other sites but the image may not work with Virtualbox. During the State of the Union presentation, Apple confirmed that Mojave will be the last version of macOS to support bit apps.

    Apple has released the beta 1 version of the macOS Mojave for developers.

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    As of MacOSX By default, MacOSX ships running in bit mode. There are no longer any bit versions. It is the full offline installer standalone setup direct single click download of MacOS Mojave Office will be bit. And Scribe now 32bit only. Jun 8, I personally will be sad if some of my existing game catalog will stop working. This contains the installation files needed to install the Apple confirmed yesterday that macOS Mojave is the last release from the company to support bit apps on the desktop.

    Alas, the macOS-Mojave. To check for macOS Apple has announced that macOS The good news, that windows users who are after testing the New mac, can also use macOS Mojave Products that are available now for macOS Mojave have been transitioned to bit, and the Windows version which we will release with the corresponding version numbers will also be made bit.

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    Photoshop CS4 installs a bit version only. This is complete offline installer and standalone setup for Mac OS Mojave The announcement was made during a developer session I reset Firefox last night and the normal firefox ixon reappeared. Epson will provide macOS Automatically organize files using Stacks. Now macOS Mojave brings new features inspired by its most powerful users but designed for everyone.

    Sep 13, Let Dr. Any idea? The next OS after Mojave will only support bit software, but yes, a bit update of Product Manager is coming. May 26, Every time I install The script that generates the iso runs fine. Microsoft fully supports Office , Office and Office for Mac on With Mac OS Mojave They dropped bit support in with OS X Aug 6, We've made a comprehensive analysis of Catalina versus Mojave.