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  1. Introducing Geekbench 4
  2. How to Benchmark Your OS X Mac or Hackintosh PC
  3. Performance Comparison: Apple Mac OS X vs. Windows XP
  4. 1. Geekbench 4

After changing the test settings, click Speed Test Start to begin the test.

PC vs. Mac: The Big Debate

The two large gauges will tell you all the information you need. A black screen will appear that slowly fills up with pieces to create a whole image. The faster your computer loads the image, the better your score.

It checks how well your graphics card can handle a 3D scene in OpenGL mode. The demo shows a video of cars containing many textures about one million polygons and various effects like lighting, transparency, and environments. You get the results of the test in frames per second FPS.

Introducing Geekbench 4

A higher FPS indicates better performance from your graphics card. Download : Cinebench Free. Read More. Count It solves this issue by recording your gameplay and keeping track of FPS in a helpful graph. Just tap a hotkey and Count It will start recording your game. Ever wonder how many FPS your game is running at while you play? You can finally satisfy your curiosity, as Count It displays the current FPS in the corner of the screen during your game.

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You can also save game settings, helping you remember what resolution you used to get the best performance. Download : Count It Free. Simply pressing Start Tests will begin the comprehensive analysis.

How to Benchmark Your OS X Mac or Hackintosh PC

Newer Macs can still get bogged down by excess clutter and software. Sometimes your Mac just needs a fresh start to kick it into a high-speed gear. Read More , or how to reinstall macOS to make your Mac fast and squeaky clean. Your email address will not be published.

Performance Comparison: Apple Mac OS X vs. Windows XP

Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? As such, they perform the same jobs quite differently. With that in mind, we set out with a stopwatch to time how long OS X and Windows took to complete a variety of common desktop tasks. To ensure our results were representative, we tested the OSes on the same hardware — a pair of mid-range Mac systems with relatively limited power, where performance could easily be a real-world issue.

1. Geekbench 4

One was a iMac with a 2. The other was a MacBook Air, with a 1. Both machines were set up as Boot Camp dual-boot systems.

Mac vs Windows Game Performance: Benchmarked

Since most Mac users keep their operating system current, we used the latest release of OS X We started our tests by looking at web-browser performance. After all, these days we use our browsers for everything from sending and receiving email and working on documents to watching movies and playing games. To get an all-round picture, we tested each platform with a selection of five benchmarks.

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Our graphs below show the results across both browsers on both platforms. The first shows scores from the Octane, CanvasMark and Peacekeeper benchmarks: these all return absolute scores, so taller bars represent better performance.