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On Photoshop CS4 and all the previous versions of PS, there has been no background, which enables you to see your desktop and all other applications you have running, which makes life times easier to toggle from one application to another as you can see them without having to minimise Photoshop.

Has anyone gotten this to work on the windows app?

How to set up and save a custom Workspace

I can't seem to find "Application frame" under the "window" menu. Recently switched from a mac and this is driving me nuts.

The windows version of photoshop always has the Application Frame "Enabled", so no, there is no way to turn the Application Frame off on windows. This is a OS limitation and not a PS option. In Windows, you never see the desktop through the application, but Mac user do, as long as there is no open document hiding the dt. I guess I'll just have to learn to deal, and wait until apple gest there act together again so I can switch back. Appreciate your time!

Thanks to you and "Feierwoon", I thought this might be the case, but I just thought I'd check. Posting a quick message to this thread because I ran into the same problem with Indesign and Photoshop Both had that dark grey "nothing loaded" background after you closed all your documents using Command W. Unchecking "Application Frame" on a Mac restored it to the previous way that Mac users are used to having, where the "application background" is transparent after you close all the files you've loaded.

I use Color and Swatches frequently. I also use and create many layers and need to see them and move between them frequently. Position the cursor over the tab section of the Adjustment window the area where the name is written and drag it out of the side panel. By default, the side panel is docked on the right side of the screen, reserving the space from top to bottom.

Adobe Photoshop CC: How To Reset To Its Default Settings EASILY! - Tutorial #24

They will automatically open down the left side of the panel. When you select Brush it is likely you will see this:. This is very easy to do, however, it is important to grab press on or click and hold in the right location on each window and watch carefully as Photoshop tells you by displaying blue lines or rectangles exactly where the windows are going to drop. In this instance, a blue line became visible in this location and the window dropped between the left sidebar and the main window panel.

If the blue line appears at the top or between icons in this location, the window will still be nested in the side panel. And if a rectangle appears around another window, like this example, the one you are moving will drop in with the others within that window.

Workspace overview

In fact, you can just drag them all away from each other and start over again, arranging and rearranging until you are happy. You can collapse all of the windows in the side panel collection by clicking on the small double arrows at the top of that panel. Most people like the right side of the screen just under the option bar but you can do what you want — even make a horizontal collection if you feel like it! Yet if we disable the Start screen, how do we create new Photoshop documents?

How do we open images? How do we re-open our recent files? In this tutorial, we'll learn how to do all of these things very easily using a few old school Photoshop commands that are still available to us even in the most recent version of Photoshop.

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Keep in mind that I'm in no way trying to convince you to stop using the Start screen. If you like it, great! It really is a useful feature. But if you do decide to disable it, or you're just curious to know how to create new documents or open images without the Start screen, here's how to do it.

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Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and PC

Let's get started! By default, the Start screen appears whenever we launch Photoshop CC without first selecting an image or document to open along with it. It also appears each time we close out of a document and have no other documents open on the screen. Any recently-opened files appear as thumbnails in the center of the Start screen.

Make Photoshop Yours – Part 2: Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and PC

I covered the Start screen in detail in our Updated Start Workspace In Photoshop CC tutorial so you'll want to check out that tutorial first if you haven't done so already. Here, we'll focus on how to disable the Start screen and work without it:. To disable the Start screen, all we need to do is deselect it in Photoshop's Preferences. This opens the Preferences dialog box set to the General options. By default, the option is selected checked.

To disable the Start screen, simply uncheck this option:. You'll need to quit and relaunch Photoshop for the change to take effect. Then, relaunch Photoshop the same way you normally would. When Photoshop opens, the Start screen will not appear. Instead, you'll see an empty workspace.