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  1. How To Broadcast Your iOS Device With TeamViewer
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  4. ‎TeamViewer: Remote Control on the App Store

TeamViewer is one of the remote-access programs most favored by our readers. While there are other ways to access desktops from the palm of your hand, none are quite as easy to set up.

How To Broadcast Your iOS Device With TeamViewer

You can try TeamViewer out without installing anything on your computer. TeamViewer is available as free download for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. TeamViewer is so simple to install and set up that you could have a person who needs help with their computer install it. Depending on how you want to use TeamViewer, you can run it manually or have it always run in the background. Plug these into the TeamViewer app on your mobile device to connect.

  1. Access Desktops on the Road with TeamViewer for Android & iPhone.
  2. TeamViewer Mac for Remote Desktop Access.
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Zooming the view is standard iPhone style, i. Drag and drop actions are also possible through tap and hold. A little about the little icons at the bottom of the screen.

TeamViewer with mouse on Android smartphone. HANDHELD SCIENTIFIC Bluetooth Keyboard Adapter. Video 4

The cross gives the option to close the current session. The magnifier icon toggles between two zoom levels; your current selection and maximum zoom-out.

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The spanner icon gives remote reboot and disable remote input options. Finally, the last icon opens the settings pane for the application itself, where you have options like screen resolution, quality, displaying the remote wallpaper or not, showing the status bar etc. Tweaking these settings can increase the fluidity of your browsing experience and affect bandwidth consumption, which we will return to shortly.

However, in our testing, we found the interface pretty responsive and smooth with the default settings, with no noticeable lags. Internet Productivity.

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Mac Productivity. Did you know you can connect to your Mac remotely over a local network, or the wider internet? All you need is a solid network connection and the right tools. The easiest way to access your Mac remotely is from another Mac via the wonders of iCloud.


In order to connect from another Mac:. Use these free tools to share screens or gain remote access to another computer.

Read More to choose from. Ultimately, performance of any remote access solution will hinge on the speed of your internet connection and the distance between the two computers. Log in and look for your Mac under the My computers section.

‎TeamViewer: Remote Control on the App Store

Double-click on your Mac and wait. You should soon see your Mac screen in a window on your PC desktop, with full control. The most important step is making your Mac available while unattended, so you can gain access whenever you want.