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Since forever have I been told that warm is for yellows greenish veins and tans easily , and cool is for pinks bluish veins and sun sensitivity I am still convinced of that. It should really be mentioned here that MAC does NOT adhere to the beauty world standard in their definitions of warm and cool as Anonymous above has mentioned. MAC uses the reverse for some reason, but they are the only respected makeup brand that I have seen that does this. I hope not too many people see this guide and think that these definitions of warm and cool are the standard because there is no warning to the contrary!

I have blue eyes and medium brown hair my skin is pale to medium,which do you think I should go for,I always seem to get it wrong. Please help me. I have bought Mac Studio Fix NW45 and everyone including myself seem to be of the opinion that it is making me look a bit darker. Kindly advise which shade comes before NW45? I believe I need just one shade lighter.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC40 Review & 9-Hour Wear Test - Combination/Oily Skin - MAC NC40

Im using maybelline stick foundation in the shade can someone advise me which shade i should buy from the studio fix line? Can someone help me. I'm VERY pale almost see through but hate pinkish looking foundation preferring yellow tones which do seem to suit me. What colour would you recommend for MAC opaque full coverage foundation x. HI, the mac guy gave me my studio fix powder in shade c 4.

And vice versa with NC.

Good Molecules: Effective Skincare Starting at $6

Not warm? I don't think that does excist, not warm is cool and cool is C so If u cud help me Or it can work.. I googled undertone and found that cool undertone means pink and warm undertone means yellow, golden. Now I am really confused Best to go in to a shop and test it out. Your skin changes tone slightly throughout the year. I am indian and can switch between the nc and the nw range, my skin is light to olive and I found the NW covers and blends better, I used to get bright pictures when using the flash on my camera, so my body would look completely different to my face, and also it never blended with the neckline and chest area, NW seems to be the perfect blend.

MAC use the opposite to the other makeup houses. Hey i m not v fair not dark medium complextion but my mistake i bought nc 15 which is quiet fairer for me Can someone help me I have black hair olive skin what shade would people recommend thanks. I want to buy me face and body foundation, I wear in powder c4 and in spf 15 foundation c 3. At first I thought it was the lighting, but then I kept taking photos in different lighting and realised it was the foundation. Its definitely not my primer, or my moisturiser.

Mac NW or NC help!

I have mainly golden undertones, no red or pink at all in my skin I've only recently learnt that the 'NC' shades of 'Golden Beige' skin actually include peach, yellow, and gold undertones For someone who has no pink or red in their skin, I think this could be the problem. This is my personal experience getting hired. Nc 25 is too dark and nc 15 is too light and nc 20 is not look like something on face.

And face and body no for me.

MAC NW or NC ? Six beginners questions about MAC skin shades - Peachesandblush

If nw 20 is my tone.. And I want to go for NC.. What would be the best substitute nw 20 in NC? NC 30 fix fluid mqtches me but i have pink undertones so which shade will suit me in NW range. Normally Mac makes me look like I am not wearing make up. Labels: Mac foundations. Blackmentos 9 August at Anonymous 10 September at Anonymous 2 November at TheColorBug 10 October at Anonymous 18 November at Consumers often buy the product with the closest shade to match with their natural complexion, skin tone, and skin undertones. A person can have a warm skin tone with yellow, orange, or olive undertones by having green or yellow veins.

A person with blue veins is classified as having a cool tone with blue or pink undertones. A combination of blue and green or yellow veins produces a neutral tone. Skin tones are very important because they often indicate what cosmetics, clothes, or hair color will complement or flatter the skin, and more importantly, the person. Cosmetic products, particularly skin products, are developed for every skin tone.

They usually have five classifications for their products: warm, neutral warm, neutral, neutral cool, and cool.

Both neutral warm and neutral cool serve as a combination between both shades of neutral and intense warm or cool. People with warm tones can use warm shades while the cool shade complements people with cool tones. The neutral warm and neutral cool shades are for people in-between the warm or cool shades and the neutral shades. The numbers indicate the intensity or the depth of shade of the product. The higher the number indicated, the deeper and the more intense the color of the shade of the product.

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Most cosmetic companies follow that Neutral Warm should go with warm skin tones, and Neutral Cool should be used with cool skin tones and their corresponding undertones. On the other hand, MAC Cosmetics reversed the scheme in their skin products. The major cosmetic brand has Neutral Warm for people with cool skin tones while the Neutral Cool is designated for people with warm skin tones.

This reversal might cause some confusion for women who switch makeup brand products. They are often used for foundations and concealers. This scheme is reverse when it comes to MAC skin products.